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Friday, October 01, 2004

Wabbi Watch - A Wayward Lion of God - A spin-doctor's Hell - Prices and precautions on the rise

September 26, 2004 - Victorious Lion forsakes God for Canada

The so-called "Brigades of the Victorious Lion of God" kidnapped Iraqi-born Canadian businesswoman Fairuz Yamulky on October 7. That Yamulky was a woman driving about Northern Iraq offended the Lions, a Wabbi Front. And Yamulky worked and worked in business - an insult to Allah, according to the Lions. So the Wabbis bruised Yamulky's ribs and tortured her and demanded a ransom of US$2.5 and 150 houses and a promise that Yamulky's supply company abandon Iraq. Otherwise, they'd saw off Yamulky's head. But the Wabbis left quick-witted Yamulky alone to be guarded by a single Victorious Lion. She offered to help the Lion immigrate to Canada. "Let me go and your visa will be in the mail," said she. The Victorious Lion went wayward and freed her. She arrived in the United Arab Emirates last Sunday.

September 25, 2004 - Child massacre and the beheadings rubbing off on Islam and Margaret Atwood

Were it not election time, George W. Bush would have loaned the Saudis his notorious spin doctor, Karl Rove, to clean up the image of the Wabbis and of Islam itself. If Muslim leaders had spoken out, Wabbi sadists would not have dared to murder 150 school children and 170 others at Middle School # 1 in Beslan, Russia. A Wabbi videotographer would not have dared to tape Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, "the Sheikh and Commander of All Slaughterers" as he sawed off the heads of civilians Jack Hensley and Jack Armstrong. Or broadcast the beheadings on a Wabbi website. Moslem leaders, fearful of losing their manhood, their lives, their access to Saudi funds won't speak out. And so the West is turning on all of Islam and trashing fans of Islam like professional America-bater Margaret Atwood.

The Wabbis, said Robert Fulford in the National Post last Saturday, "should now be facing ferocious, unrelenting criticism from armies of articulate Muslims - imams, teacher, writers and community leaders ... Among Muslims there should be thousands of loud, angry anti-terrorists, just as there are thousands of terrorists."

Until last week no one in Canada's close-knit, chilly journalistic and cultural industries dared trash Margaret (Ms. Snooty) Atwood. But the backlash against Muslims has washed over into Canadian culture and Canadian journalism to produce a definite thaw. Of Atwood's Handmaid's Tale", Globe and Mail critic Margaret Wente said Saturday: "To me, Handmaid's Tale [a society where women were covered from head to foot - where a woman's sole function was to be bred - where women were forbidden to read - where there were lots of secret police and public executions] is an uncannily accurate depiction of life in Afghanistan under the Taliban, followed closely by life in Saudi Arabia and Iran ... [but] Atwood and her fans are referring to life in the U.S. ... How is it possible to confuse the oppression endured by the walking shrouds of Jeddah with the oppression endured by the soccer moms of New Jersey? ... Compared to [George Orwell's] 1984 (Atwood considers herself in the same league as Orwell), [Atwood's] books are no more than fantastically embroidered cartoons." On Monday, Professor Marilyn Holt chipped in with a letter to the Globe: "Thank you, thank you to Margaret Wente for having the courage to say out loud in front of God and everyone what I, as a cowardly English major and professor, have been too timid to say all these years."

September 27, 2004 - Price of Oil Skyrocketing - Alternatives

Crude oil went up to US$50.00 per barrel last Monday. T. Boone Pickens, the Texas hedge fund operator who predicted $50 oil now predicted oil would go up to $60, recommended investing in the Alberta Oil Sands. Last week Shell announced it was shoveling another $4 Billion into its Alberta Oil Sands operations. Last Saturday, the U.S. Energy Department announced it would pump 87% more oil into its Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage caverns in the Gulf of Mexico than it will pump in September. By next summer the U.S. will be able to top up the caverns to their total capacity of 727 million barrels (for information about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve click here to go to

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