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Monday, August 02, 2004

Saudi Arabia - Weekly Whabbi Watch - the Alberta Oil Sands

Last week (click here to read last week's story) the Eye Opener pointed out that both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are owned and run by the Whabbi Sect, Saudi Arabia's Nazi party and official religion. Until Saudi Arabia is deWhabbified, no number of security measures will prevent the Whabbis, financed by Saudi oil, from killing and maiming tens, hundreds, thousands of innocent people each week. Each week, the Eye Opener intends to detail Saudi crimes of the preceding week. Here is a summary of Saudi Arabia's Whabbi Sect activity last week:

Wednesday Arab television showed Whabbis beheading two Pakistani Muslims. Previously the Whabbis had beheaded only infidel non-Muslims.

Friday A Whabbi suicide bomber tried to murder Pakistan's new prime minister, Shaukat Aziz; failed but managed to kill six Pakistani citizens, maim dozens.

Friday A U.S. Council of Foreign Relations task-force revealed that the government of the "Kingdom" of Saudi Arabia continues to finance a Whabbi terror school in Toronto. "We hate Jews for the sake of Allah," the National Post reports the Salahedden Islamic Centre's web site as singing, "because they slandered Allah and killed his prophets."

Sunday Whabbi storm troopers parked explosive-laden autos beside five Iraqi Christian churches, detonated them just as Sunday services were beginning, maiming scores of Iraqis, killing 15. Said witness Reemon Meghi: "Maybe they [the Whabbi storm troopers] think they are going to Heaven, but they are going to Hell."

Sunday U.S. security tsar Tom Ridge exposed a highly detailed, "meticulous" plan concocted by Whabbi psychopath Osama bin Laden to park semi-trailers loaded with fertilizer explosives beside the New York Stock Exchange and two other New York skyscrapers, beside the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Washington (the World Bank is located next to the U.S. Capitol where the Senate and House of Representatives meet) and beside the Prudential Financial Inc.'s headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. Whabbi operatives habituated coffee houses near the buildings, gained access to the buildings through building staffs, conducted traffic counts for each building so that Bin Laden could time explosions to take place when a maximum number of victims were nearby. Whabbi bomb technicians designed explosives to topple buildings so as to bury alive a maximum number of pedestrians and occupants. Tsar Ridge put New York, Washington and Newark on high (orange) alert. Today, New York police tried to track every semi-trailer coming into lower Manhattan - clearly, an impossible task.

Last Friday the U.S. September 11 Commission co-chairs spoke out. "I don't find anyone is in charge of U.S. security," said former U.S. congressman and commission co-chair Lee Hamilton. Said Hamilton's co-chair New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean: "Organizing government is not enough (to produce an illusion of something being done, the Bush administration plans to window-dress U.S. government organizations) ... yes, do more to protect our borders and protect our transportation system (aircraft, semi-trailers, freight cars) from being used as a weapons ... but we must change our foreign and economic policies." Kean obviously was concerned about U.S. dependence on oil from the Whabbi homeland of Saudi Arabia. Because the Saudis have financed a number of George Bush Junior's failed business ventures, the Bushes consider the Saudis to be friends - the Bush family code places loyalty to "friends" above safety of fellow citizens and President Bush Junior intends to do nothing. But former prosecutor John Kerry, who will run against Bush this November, knows how to protect citizens against organized crime. At the Democratic National Convention on Thursday in Boston, future President Kerry pinpointed the Saudis as the perpetrators of the crimes, pledged to find alternatives to Saudi oil.

On Saturday, after Tsar Ridge had exposed the New York, Washington and Newark plots, the price of oil rose two and one half percent. Fear of losing Saudi oil drove the price up US$6.75 last month. The price has now topped US$44. Yesterday respected Calgary oilman Jim Grey predicted the oil price would stay up over US$40 "for a long time." Said Texas oil mogul T. Boone Pickens: "I think you're going to see US$50 for oil a long time before you'll ever see $30 again. In fact I don't think you'll ever see $30 again.

Where will Kerry find an alternative to Saudi oil? The answer lies, Mr. President, in the 311 billion proven barrels situated in the Alberta Oil Sands - Saudi Arabia has only 260 billion proven barrels. At $44 or even $30 a barrel Oil Sands oil costs less than Saudi oil.

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