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Tobacco Psychos in the Order of Canada
The Order of Canada has honoured some deserving Canadians but the Order has appointed psychopathic tobacco company directors and has ignored real Canadian heroes.


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Monday, August 30, 2004.. Tobacco companies - from simple murder to smuggling to outright bankruptcy    

The Calgary Eye Opener
Monday, August 30, 2004

Tobacco companies - from simple murder to smuggling to outright bankruptcy

"If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination." - Thomas De Quincey 1785-1859

Most of the time tobacco company boards of directors and executives busy themselves with killing tens of thousands of Canadians (they murdered 40,000 last year - click here for details ). But, in 1988, they sidelined into the smuggling trade - tobacco executives talked the Mulroney government into letting them export millions of cigarettes to the Soviet Union. "We'll truck the cigarettes down to container ships docked in the U.S. and the ships will take them to Russia," the executives lied. But once across the U.S. border, the executives sold the cigarettes to professional smugglers. The smugglers smuggled the cigarettes, through Mohawk Indian reserves, back into Canada. In Canada, the smugglers bootlegged the cigarettes to under aged children, women and men. The tobacco companies paid no tax; the smugglers paid no tax; the under aged children and adults paid no tax - everyone bought lots more tax-free cigarettes. The tobacco companies made a big tax-free profit.

Quebec's premier, Jean Charest, figures that one company alone, JTI-Macdonald (click here for details), owes the Province of Quebec $1.36 billion in taxes on the smuggled cigarettes. So, early this month, Charest garnisheed JTI's customers (what does the term "garnisheed" mean? - click here) The Quebec garnishees closed the barn door before the horse could escape - dried up JTI's cash flow. Last Tuesday, to avoid bankruptcy, JTI asked the Ontario Superior Court (JTI is an Ontario company) under Canada's Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (Canada's version of U.S. Chapter 11) to step in and stop immediate bankruptcy.

The court has gone along with JTI for now - we think that, eventually, JTI will go bankrupt. But we also think that Rothman's Inc., another tobacco psychocorp, will buy JTI's brands. What about the directors of JTI-Macdonald who approved the smuggling? They have not been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. And what about taxes and charges against other tobacco companies, their directors and executives (JTI is only the third largest tobacco company in Canada)?

And what about the taxes JTI Macdonald owes the federal government? How about a federal garnishee? Last year, the feds sued RJR-Macdonald Inc., for $1.5 billion but did not garnishee as Quebec did - the feds will let the case gather dust and die in the musty files of the Canadian court system. The federal Liberal government is dragging its heals - the truth is that the Liberal Party loves tobacco companies. Ottawa lobbyists have nicknamed the Liberal Party of Canada, the "Tobacco Party of Canada". Paul Martin Junior was a director of Imperial Tobacco about the time Imperial was a smuggling away . As we reported in April, the Canadian government has appointed three of Rothman Inc.'s board of directors, Paule Gauthier, Pierre Des Marais II and Douglas (Dougie) Bassett, to the order of Canada, to the Order of Canada (for details, click here)

Let's hope that Jean Charest is starting something. We say bankrupt all the tobacco companies. Then bankrupt and jail some of their directors and executives.


JTI is a private company, so we don't have the names of their directors - surely, one, at least, must be a member of the Order of Canada. JTI's executives are:

Michel A. Poirier, Chairman, President & CEO
Bradley Price, Finance Director & CFO
Bruno Duguay, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Anne Duncan, Human Resources Director
Christian Guay, Vice President, Marketing
Joel Hall, Vice President, Sales
Nelson Medeiros, Information Technology Director
John Wildgust, Head of Corporate Affairs (in other words, head spin-doctor)


  • Tobacco kills half of all smokers
  • Tobacco is one of the strongest cancer-causing agents and has been estimated to account for about 30% of cancer deaths in the Canada. Smoking increases the risk of many types of cancer including, cancers of the lung, throat, mouth, pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix, and others
  • Smoking is also causally associated with many other diseases besides cancer, including coronary heart disease, stroke, emphysema, and bronchitis, as well as adverse outcomes of pregnancy. Well over 400,000 premature deaths in the United States each year are attributable to cigarette smoking.

Let's say a wholesale or retail customer owes JTI-Macdonald $100,000 - Charest serves that customer with a garnishee - "You owe JTI-Macdonald $100,000," reads the garnishee, "but JTI owes us, the Government of Quebec, $1.36 billion - so pay the $100,000 to us."

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The Calgary Eye Opener
Friday, April 30, 2004
Tobacco Psychos in the Order of Canada

Proclaims the Governor General of Canada's website:

” The Order of Canada recognizes people who have made a difference to our country. From local citizens to national and international personalities, all Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada -- our country's highest honour for lifetime achievement.”

What differences have Ms. Paule Gauthier, Mr. Pierre Des Marais II and Mr. Douglas (Dougie) Bassett made to Canada? They’re members of the Board of Rothman’s Inc. Rothman’s Inc. is loaded with psychopathic executives who manufacture and market cigarettes and foist them on the Canadian people.

Ms. Paule Gauthier, Mr. Pierre Des Marais II and Mr. Douglas (Dougie) Bassett will help to kill 45,000 Canadians this year. They’re actively involved in hooking Canadian boys and girls on tobacco – 55% of those boys and 51% of those girls will eventually die unless they quit tobacco and Ms. Gauthier, Mr. Des Marais and Dougie Boy Bassett hope to stop them from quitting. All three are members of the Order of Canada and all three are directors of Rothman’s Inc., one of Canada’s psychopathic tobacco companies.

Along with Prince Charles, the Dictatorship of the Prime Minister, the hooty-snooty-expensive antics of Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul and the sorry state of Canadian Federalism, the Order of Canada provides another good argument for a Canadian Republic. Vincent Massey, the snobbish tariff-protected farm machinery heir lobbied the Canadian Government to reestablish the British Class system in Canada abolished after World War 1 - Vincent wanted to become the Earl of Toronto. As he did in most practical matters, Vincent failed but Ottawa threw him the Order of Canada, an elitist wolf in ordinary Canadian clothing, as a substitute. Sucking up, playing by the rules, not rocking the boat, money and political influence and, rarely, actual good works get you into the Order.

Gauthier is a well-connected Quebec City lawyer, a member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, which oversaw CSIS, which, in turn, gave us the Air India tragedy. Des Marais II inherited a printing fortune. Dougie inherited a communications empire, borders on the simple-minded (he once told Toronto Catholic Cardinal Carter: “I just can’t believe that Mary was a virgin.”).

Who isn’t a member of the Order of Canada? Barb Tarbox, who died of cigarette induced lung cancer, fighting big tobacco, no holds barred, is not a member. Nor is Joyce Milgaard who has taken on the Federal legal bureaucracy on behalf of the wrongly convicted. They offended the Canadian Establishment. Killers, yes. Disturbers, no.

The Calgary Eye Opener

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