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Friday, September 18, 2020
Untitled Document
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Two more years of bread and water ... Harper pondering old age pension roll-back
Two more years of bread and water ... Harper pondering old age pension roll-back
"For people on a low income, theyre really going to lose out." - Andrew Jackson, chief economist for the Canadian Labour Congress
But I wonders ... are The Leader/Bookkeeper and that Jimmy Cagney look alike called Flaherty goin' ta' get it thru their noggins that, if they puts back the old age pension to age 180 ... why they'll save --- by my estimatin' from a Financial Post Story (see the link below) --- $29,000,000,000. That'll go a long, long way ta' gettin' rid a that $32,000,000,000 deficit that every red-blooded-right-thinker wants to get rid of --- don't worry about deficits ... why the national debt'll be paid off sooner an' they can say "Bob's our no-good brother-in-law"...
Old age security explained ... Postmedia News ...
OAS rollback is going to hurt ... Misty Harris ...
This time, dump Ottawa's empire ... Victoria Times Colonist Editorial ...
Government overestimates cost of OAS ... Edmonton Journal ...
Is the CPP a pyramid scheme? ... Brent Legate ...
Seniors look unkindly upon OAS tampering ... Jonathan Chevreau ...
Fair is still fair in pension plans ... Victoria Times Colonist Editorial ...
The German Public Pension System ... Axel H Borsch-Supan and Christina B. Wilke ...
What's so special about age 65? ... Dan Gardner ...
blog comments powered by Disqus
blog comments powered by Disqus

If yer worried about eatin' or gettin' assassinatered , Peepin' Toms ain't at the top or yer worry list
"Gentlemen do not read each other's mail. " - U.S. Secretary of State Henry L Stimson
The Prof shook me up right in the middle of last night --- scared the livin' daylights outa' me --- why I thought she was after me body and my supply of Verizon'd run out. Turned out it weren't my private parts she was after --- she's scared that this Peepin' Tom called Harper's after her privacy.

Why even old Henry Stimpson took to peepin' on the Japanese once he got to takin' the Yellow Peril seriously. It don't worry me much 'cause I'm busy gettin' into the middlin' class --- like all the rest a' them what was once called workin' stiffs but is now middlin' classers. And if yer middlin' class, why Harper loves 'ya but if he don't love ya' why then ya'll lose yer' job which is worse than death. And, anyway, if Harper ain't lookin' after yer' welfare, elQuaeda'll get ya'. -- so I'm not too worried about Harper hidin' in my TV set or listenin' in when I'm talkin' to one of my girl friends --- cause Harper's a gentleman ain't he.

Canada Has U.S.-Style Surveillance System, Documents Show ... Huffington Post ...
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"If Americans stopped to think about the structure of the work week, there would be a revolt on a scale not seen since Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads." - Michael Miller
Lawdy Mercy I's frusterated a plenty. Here I've been workin' away fer 130 years more or less cause I believes in progress jest like I believes in Jerusalem Slim and the Chamber of Commerce. But back in the 50s the Chamber of Commerce said that, by 2011, progress'd give us a helicopter in every garage and a three day weekend and a 32 hour week...
What ever happened to the three-day weekend and the 32-hour week? ... Michael Posner ...
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"There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible." - Henry Ford
When I first put a roof over ma head in Calgary in 1964, for a 1,200 square foot house --- land included --- I paid out the grand sum a' $11,000 --- $7.14 a square foot. Now a house in Vancouver will cost ya' $200 a square foot --- land is plus. Some Vancouver homeless advocates have come up with "container-based" housing that costs only $7.14 per foot....
The cost of housing gets curiouser and curioser ... Wendy Stueck ...
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The Old Contrarian from Pincher Creek --- U.S. President Barak Obama has branded him a corporate welfare bum --- town gossips claim he is a trillionaire --- the Old Timer lives in subsidized housing and spends his days dumpster diving ... more>>

Hog Town Establishment circles the wagons around Lord Crowbar
"The establishment is made up of little men, very frightened." - Bella Abzug
In my day, when the Pincher Creekers was defendin' the fort from rovin', thievin' murderin' hoards of First Nations persons --- they, to use a meta-what-ever-ya'-call-it, "circled the wagons" --- and if they was any good --- why, they circled 'em fast. Well, no faster than the Hog Towners did just last week around Lord Crowbar of Bilgewater. Why it was group-think and group-act and group-speak extraordinary. Some wise guy at The Hogtown Globe came out with the followin' headliner "Ottawa grants convicted fraudster ... temporary permit". The centre of the universers put him on a freight train headed for the Kapisskassing Gulag and hauled out a brown-nosin' propagandar who replaced the libel, slander and wrong-thinkin' with: "Ottawa approves Conrad Black's request to live in Canada."

Crowbar paid his first installerment a few years ago by doin' the mandatory --- praisin' the writin' of Ms. Snooty. Well Ms. Snooty was happy as "comme un cochon en merde" and you'd think Crowbar was the second comin' of Shakespeare. Rex Murphy piled on all the big words and the Hogtown Globe and Petit Pays Post piled it on even more. Only the Hogtown Star stood outside the circle and [I'm a goin' a be read on Bay Street and I ain't allowed to say it but it starts with a "p"] ___ed on the parade ....

Ottawa approves Conrad Black's request to live in Canada --- Originally read - "Ottawa grants convicted fraudster ... temporary permit" ... Steven Chase ...
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"From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs." - Karl Marx
Lawdy-mercy --- I guess a guy with a title like head honcho at the world famous International Monetary Fund --- the prof says the IMF nearly shut down Canada a few years back --- a dignitary like him has ta' have fixins ta' go with it all --- but a hotel room at $3,000 a night? and how come when he's a socialist he don't sleep at the YMCA? and who's payin' for it?...
The story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn --- How can a committed socialist sleep at night --- in a $3,000 hotel room? ... Slate ...
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"Young people, serious people and people who are serious about the relevance of popular culture no longer watch the darn thing - largely because the movies are awful and standards in the awards racket are ludicrous." - John Doyle
One dark and rainy night I dragged myself down to the Odeon Theatre to watch "The King's Speech". I'm a senior --- over 160 years old --- and I got a few bucks off a' the ticket --- but what's a movie without popcorn and they charged me $7.50 for a medium one and another $5.00 for a bottle of water that, as a taxpayer of Victoria, the Prof already paid for. And the movie weren't that good --- I might go to it if I was real bored and it was free --- the movies ain't what they were. But I always enjoys the Academy Awards and so do Mr. and Mrs. America --- so I was mighty bothered when the Prof showed me this nasty review by one of the effete editors of the Toronto Globe and Mail...
Globe TV columnist says Academy Awards are "insufferable inanity" ... Globe and Mail ...
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