January 09, 2014 ... Cartoon: "Housing prices remain strong" ... Brian Gable
January 09, 2014 ... Another rail/oil spill --- right in The Kingdom of Irving America ... Kim Mackrael
January 06, 2014 ... Lac La Ronge building vies for world's ugliest building ... Calgary Eye Opener

One cannot imagine mere human beings concocting such dreadful things, and one can scarcely imagine human beings bearing life in them.

H.L. Mencken, Libido of the Ugly
January 05, 2014 ... Winnipeg in running for world's ugliest building ... Roy MacGregor
I cannot believe you let me get away with this!
Architect Antoine Predock
January 02, 2014 ... Pipeline projects unlikely to slow flow of oil by rail ... Jeffrey Jones
January 02, 2014 ... Big Bakken rail explosion in North Dakota ... Colin Freeze
January 02, 2014 ... Toward a more responsible energy future ... Chris Aikman
British Columbians and Albertans are at odds with each other over the flow of petroleum and water over provincial borders. Each is posing a risk to the other, not just from proposed projects for pipelines and dams, but from situations that already exist.
December 30, 2013 ... Toronto Hydro rules out burying power lines as ice-storm recovery drags on ... Oliver Moore
December 21, 2013 ... Northern Gateway is a war that Ottawa can't win ... Gary Mason
December 30, 2013 ... Former Federal Environment Minister says Northern Gateway report seriously flawed ... David Anderson
November 14, 2013 ... The climate disaster bandwagon ... Margaret Wente
The lesson is obvious. If we really want to help people hit by natural disasters, we should help them invest in disaster preparedness and economic development. And no matter how you cut it, economic development requires greater energy use, not less.
July 23, 2013 ... Feds issue emergency rail directives --- no solo operators /no unmanned engines ... Jim Bronskill
Transport Canada has issued an emergency directive requiring at least two crew to work trains that transport dangerous goods. It also says no locomotive attached to one or more loaded tank cars transporting dangerous goods can be left unattended on a main track.
July 22, 2013 ... Harper government cuts B.C. whale protection patrol while U.S. boosts its program ... Victoria Times Colonist
Increased enforcement by Washington is being welcomed by the whale-watching industry, although, ideally, Straitwatch should also be on the water, said Michael Harris, executive director of the Pacific Whale Watch Association.
July 17, 2013 ... Company behind deadly Lac-Mégantic rail crash lays off quarter of its Quebec workforce ... Canadian Press
When contacted by phone in Chicago, a spokeswoman for MMA said chairman Edward Burkhardt has previously warned of layoffs in both Farnham, Que., and in Maine. "This is because of the track break at Lac-Megantic and they intend to rehire the employees when the line is re-opened," she added.

But the union says thats not its understanding

July 11, 2013 ... Railway head's Lac-Mégantic visit panned by PR experts ... CBC
Edward Burkhardt's heart may have been in the right place when he held an impromptu news conference in Lac-Mégantic, Que., but public relations experts say the head of the rail company at the heart of the explosion that devastated the town was ill-prepared and offered a lesson in how not to handle a crisis.
July 11, 2013 ... Lac Mégantic engineer Tom Harding involved in train derailment last year ... cnews
was involved in a minor train derailment last August on a Canadian National-operated railroad
July 11, 2013 ... Edward Burkhardt, the head of the MMAR ... Wikipedia
Burkhardt was regarded as something of a railroad rebel for his entrepreneurial, productivity-driven leadership approach
July 10, 2013 ... Lac-Mégantic death toll rises to 35 --- engineer suspended ... CBC
The engineer then left the train and went to sleep at a nearby hotel. A short time later, a fire was reported on the train and another railway employee was brought in, according to the TSB. After firefighters and the rail worker had left the scene, the train started to roll downhill, derailed and exploded in the centre of Lac-Mégantic.
July 10, 2013 ... Ed Burkhardt, MMA Rail CEO, Slammed For Lac Megantic Press Conference ... Huffington Post
"We've had quite a reasonable safety record up until Saturday and then we blew it all," Burkhardt said at a press conference that at times got heated. According to analysts MMA has an accident rate 10 times the U.S. average.
July 09, 2013 ... Video --- The Toronto Flood ... You Tube

July 08, 2013 ... Deadly train derailment puts focus on solo-operator crews ... Brent Jang
In the United States, union leaders have decried the growing practice by some American railways to deploy a lone employee on a shift. While companies argue that there have been advances in remote-control technology to help guide trains, a group of workers produced bumper stickers last fall that read: "No single-employee train crews. Protect your family. Protect your community."
July 08, 2013 ... The Lac-Mégantic derailment ... Wikipedia

July 04, 2013 ... Obama and the You say "Tarsands" --- We Say "Oilsands" Rebranding ... Montreal Gazette
The one thing that did jump off the page was his reference that Keystone "would carry oil from Canadian tarsands." The Canadian oilpatch has spent a fortune re-branding as the "oilsands", and even the New York Times has finally adopted the nomenclature of a commodity that doesn't stick. Not Obama and his White House speechwriters. They shouldn't have to get a call from the Canadian Embassy to learn how much the reference would have annoyed Ottawa. Stephen Harper, being from Calgary, wouldnt have missed that.
June 28, 2013 ... Alberta "huff and puff" bitumen leak spreads over four hectares ... Calgary Herald
The project uses CSS or cyclic steam stimulation, also called "huff and puff," where steam is injected under pressure into the formation to melt the heavy, sticky oil, then shut off while the warmed oil is pumped out. Then the process is repeated.
June 20, 2013 ... Army Corps of Engineers announces no eviro study for coal exports from North West US ... Seattle Times
In his testimony on Tuesday to the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn offered a long list of ways coal trains will hurt Washington communities: leaving behind coal dust and diesel exhaust, clogging railroads, ports and roads, polluting air and water and creating traffic problems
June 12, 2013 ... Harper says he'll enforce G-8 anti-bribe rules against Canadian mining companies ... Canadian Press
"In advance of the G8 summit, I'm pleased to announce that Canada will establish new, mandatory reporting standards for payments made to foreign and domestic governments by Canadian extractive companies," Harper said.

"With 70 per cent of the world's mining companies listed in Canada, and 70 per cent of the world's free-enterprise oil located in Canada, our participation will help transform the way industry reports payments worldwide."

June 11, 2013 ... Malaysian state oil company expects to invest up to $16 billion in LNG export facility in Canada ... Canadian Press
Petronas secured its first LNG buyer, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., in March.
June 10, 2013 ... Graphic --- Alberta dominates Canada's oil and gas ... Yadullah Hussain
The concentration of output in Alberta means pipelines and railway issues will only magnify as nature appears to have played a cruel joke by bestowing geological riches on the province, but spiked it with geographic constraints.
May 31, 2013 ... B.C. rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal ... CBC

B.C.'s 5 conditions

  • Environmental review needs to be passed.
  • World-leading marine oil spill prevention, response.
  • World-leading practices for land oil spill prevention, response.
  • First Nations opportunities, treaty rights respected.
  • Fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits

May 21, 2013 ... Video --- Oklahoma Tornado --- May 20/ 2013 ... Basehunters

May 13, 2013 ... Is It Safe To Use Compost Made From Treated Human Waste? ... Eliza Barclay
First, remember that for thousands of years, before the invention of synthetic fertilizer in 1913, many farmers utilized their decomposed sewage, sometimes called "night soil," to replenish the soil with nutrients lost in farming. The Chinese were especially adept at using human waste this way  one historical account notes that in 1908, a contractor paid the city of Shanghai $31,000 in gold for the privilege of collecting 78,000 tons of human waste and carting it off to spread on fields
May 12, 2013 ... Canadian sea-floor drilling tool could unlock mysteries of the world's largest source of untapped energy ... Judith Lavoie
Gas hydrates, formed from a mixture of water and gas, are the world's largest source of untapped fossil energy, but they are also unstable and could release large quantities of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.
May 07, 2013 ... Fish farms allied with government, activists say ... Judith Lavoie
I believe the release serves as good evidence of a very concerning relationship between the Ministry of Agriculture, who are supposed to be a neutral monitoring and oversight body, and the fish farming industry
May 02, 2013 ... Military-coast guard system nearly broken --- Auditor General of Canada ... Canadian Press
Defence Minister Peter MacKay turned aside Opposition questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday, saying the government is taking the auditor's warning seriously
April 23, 2013 ... U.S. Environmental agency letter adds to uncertainty over Keystone ... Shawn McCarthy
The EPA said in a comment letter that the State Department's draft environmental impact statement contained inadequate information on the effects of the proposed pipeline, and suggested more study, a recommendation that could further delay the long-stalled project.
April 23, 2013 ... West-to-east pipeline sounds good, it isn't ... Gordon Laxer
Instead of supplying domestic conventional oil to eastern Canadians as part of a national eco-energy plan to transition Canada off fossil fuels, this is just another sands-exporting ploy. If it succeeds, it will sink Alberta and Canada even deeper into a "hewers of wood" trap
April 22, 2013 ... Environment boss shreds anti-NDP pamphlets but is NDP premier-in-waiting absolutely opposed to Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion? ... Justine Hunter
"We are going to take all the leaflets we have done and put them through a shredder," said Eric Swanson, director of the Dogwood Initiative's No Tankers campaign. The conservation organization had been flooding key ridings with pamphlets showing that the NDP had not closed the door to the pipeline. That strategy now will change. "We applaud the NDP for standing up for British Columbians."
April 19, 2013 ... We need laws that guarantee the fundamental rights of our enviironment ... Linda Sheehan
The Santa Monica Sustainability Rights Ordinance states that "natural communities and ecosystems possess fundamental and inalienable rights to exist and flourish," and provides citizens with enforcement authority to protect those rights. It adds that Santa Monicans possess rights to "clean water from sustainable sources; marine waters safe for active and passive recreation; clean indoor and outdoor air; a sustainable food system that provides healthy, locally grown food; a sustainable climate that supports thriving human life and a flourishing biodiverse environment ... and a sustainable energy future based on renewable energy sources."
April 19, 2013 ... West, Texas, Responds To Massive Plant Explosion ... Steve Inskeep

April 16, 2013 ... Pipeline panel releases long list of conditions ...
Among the 199 conditions proposed by the panel, Northern Gateway Pipelines, a subsidiary of Enbridge Pipelines Inc., must have total coverage of $950 million for clean-up, remediation and any other damage that might result from the project. That would include unfettered access to at least $100 million within 10 business days of a large spill to cover immediate costs while insurance claims are processed. The company would also have to undertake a research program on the behaviour of heavy oils such as diluted bitumen.
April 16, 2013 ... Ottawa withholding reports on B.C. wild salmon ... Mark Hume
Fisheries managers planning catch limits for the 2013 season, which has yet to start, have had to do so to this point without knowing what the reports contain
April 16, 2013 ... Mountain pine beetles --- The menace that could leave the earth scorched ... Justine Hunter
It burns so hot, it can create its own weather.
April 15, 2013 ... A new method of powering an aircraft engine --- many times more efficient --- many times cleaner --- the ionic wind thruster ... CBC's Quirks and Quarks
This device uses a high voltage to ionize air molecules, which are then attracted to an electrode. The ionized air molecules push on neutral air molecules, producing thrust. Dr. Barrett [of M.I.T.]has found that this is a very efficient way to produce thrust - on the lab-bench, it's far more efficient than a jet engine. His next step is to determine if the apparatus can be constructed in a way that might make it useful for aircraft.
April 11, 2013 ... Premier Redford and the world's most famous unbuilt pipeline ... Globe and Mail Editorial
Premier Alison Redford of Alberta acquitted herself well on Tuesday in a speech and discussion of the Keystone XL pipeline at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., a well-known think-tank that is generally regarded as liberal, which may bode well for a decision in the pipeline's favour by President Barack Obama.
April 08, 2013 ... In a buyer's market, Asia seeks new energy bargain with North America ... Claudia Cattaneo
April 04, 2013 ... Anti-Keystone group uses Arkansas spill as ammunition ... Paul Koring
April 03, 2013 ... Canada to lose billions more from pipeline woes, CIBC says as it backs Keystone ... Michael Babad
April 02, 2013 ... After smoke clears, B.C.'s taxpayer-funded carbon-offset boondoggle revealed ... Gary Mason
The idea that we have struggling schools paying $25 a tonne for the carbon dioxide they emit while having to forgo the hiring of teachers and the purchasing of books is preposterous. Especially given that in many cases this money is going to highly profitable private-sector companies.
April 01, 2013 ... Information watchdog to investigate 'muzzling' of government scientists ... Canadian Press
Lengthy Democracy Watch report --- "Muzzling Civil Servants: A Threat to Democracy" --- laid out repeated examples of taxpayer-funded science being suppressed or limited to pre-packaged media lines across six different government departments and agencies.
April 01, 2013 ... Researchers link largest quake yet to drilling waste injections ... Associated Press
April 01, 2013 ... Exxon-Mobil pipeline spills oil in Arkansas ... Danna Farrington
Exxon says it responded as if there were 10,000 barrels spilled 'to be conservative'.
March 28, 2013 ... Democrats supporting Keystone are the most vulnerable in 2014 ... Paul Waldie
Canadian oil is now regarded by many Americans as a domestic supply
March 26, 2013 ... Solar power --- the revolution is here --- documentary ... Global Climate News
10,000 years ago a major revolution occurred. Suddenly there was an abundance of food. Man went from hunter/gatherer to farmer. But in one area we are still hunter/gatherers --- ENERGY ... the price is high in all respects!!!!
Hermann Scheer
March 26, 2013 ... Northern Gateway battle fought with images ... Jack Knox
March 25, 2013 ... U.S. Senate support of Keystone belies deep divisions ... Paul Koring
March 23, 2013 ... Is diluted bitumen more dangerous than crude oil? ... The Tyee
March 22, 2013 ... B.C. 's caribou plan ignores environmental science --- little help to endangered herds ... Trevor Goward
March 22, 2013 ... Cartoon: Esquimalt under the toilet ... Adrian Raeside
March 21, 2013 ... B.C. coal mine poisoning Elk River ... Mark Hume
March 21, 2013 ... Enbridge cleanup may cost $1-billion, company warns ... Kelly Cryderman
March 21, 2013 ... David Black's Kitimat refinery is turning into a big election issue, but what do we know about its financial backers? ... The Tyee
March 20, 2013 ... Who are Oppenheimer Holdings? ... Wikipedia
March 19, 2013 ... Environmentalists challenge federal secrecy about endangered in court ... Canadian Press
March 18, 2013 ... Is building upgraders the best way to create value for bitumen ... Kelly Cryderman
March 18, 2013 ... Map of North Amercian refinery demand for crude oil ... Globe and Mail
March 18, 2013 ... Keystone supporters hit back at Pelosi's export criticism ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 17, 2013 ... Kinder Morgan's pipeline ambitions on West Coast raises oil tanker concerns ... Jeff Lewis
March 15, 2013 ... Key Democrat Pelosi voices doubts on Keystone as Mulcair visits U.S. ... Paul Koring
March 12, 2013 ... Jeremy Grantham - Financial Bubble Predicter - Believer in human created global warming ... Charlie Rose
March 11, 2013 ... Could Buffett get gas-powered rail on track? ... Reuters
March 11, 2013 ... B.C. Premier Christy Clark's petro confusion ... National Post Editorial
March 08, 2013 ... How Norway's $710-billion wealth fund earned 13.4 per cent last year ... Joachim Dagenborg
March 07, 2013 ... Black's Kitimat refinery dream inches toward reality ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 07, 2013 ... Victoria newspaper mogul David Black says he has financing for Kitimat oil refinery ... Andrew Duffy
March 06, 2013 ... 'Sky rivers' the difference between shower and deluge ... Judith Lavoie
March 04, 2013 ... US State Department says Keystone XL won't impact global warming ... Shawn McCarthy
March 01, 2013 ... The oilsands message should be about real people ... Todd Babiak
March 01, 2013 ... Heavy foreign content of LNG model puts Canada at risk ... Claudia Cattaneo
February 25, 2013 ... Ottawa ending biofuels subsidy ... Shawn McCarthy
February 22, 2013 ... BC flags third site for LNG terminals ... Nathan VanderKlippe
February 22, 2013 ... Pipelines --- ticket to North American energy independence ... Derek Burney
February 20, 2013 ... Pipeline industry dictated environmental changes made in omnibus bill ... Heather Scoffield
February 19, 2013 ... A battery five times the size of Niagra and other energy storage ideas ... Shawn McCarthy
February 19, 2013 ... Pipe Dreams --- a look at Canada's six leading pipeline proposals ... Shawn McCarthy
February 19, 2013 ... The focus of the keystone pipeline is on things that are iconic rather that fundamental ... David Pumphrey
February 19, 2013 ... Eight reasons America should welcome Canadas oil  and Keystone XL ... Diane Francis
February 19, 2013 ... Harper-controlled DFO is censoring federal scientists with research rules, critics say ... Judith Lavoie
February 15, 2013 ... Natural gas firms fume as B.C. proposes LNG tax ... Nathan VanderKlippe
February 12, 2013 ... Let's get the oil flowing east ... Phil Walsh
February 11, 2013 ... LNG boom may mean B.C. emissions rethink ... Justine Hunter
February 11, 2013 ... Environment Commissioner says Canada not prepared for offshore oil spill ... Gary Mason
February 07, 2013 ... Report paid for by Saskatchewan government says pipeline squeeze could be devastating to Canadian economy ... Lauren Krugel
February 05, 2013 ... Federal energy minister solidifies federal acceptance of west-to-east oil pipeline ... Terry Pedwell
January 30, 2013 ... Why is battery tech hitting the wall? ... Seth Borenstein
January 25, 2013 ... Bitumen bubble means a hard reconing for Alberta, Redford warns ... Josh Wingrove
January 24, 2013 ... Elected officials in climate change conflict of interest ... Victoria Times Colonist editorial
January 22, 2013 ... Unions did not violate rights, commission tells Chinese miner ... Canadian Press
January 19, 2013 ... Alberta scans the horizon for crude oil export options ... Nathan VanderKlippe
January 16, 2013 ... Making resource-sharing work for everyone ... Murray Mandryk
December 22, 2012 ... Residents of Hardisty Alberta doubt oil wealth will spill onto them ... Josh Wingrove
January 14, 2013 ... First Nations protests take aim at oil sands ... Erin Anderssen
December 17, 2012 ... Spectators barred from Enbridge hearings in Victoria ... Judith Lavoie
December 10, 2012 ... Canadian Energy doesn't need foreign capital ... Jim Stanford
December 05, 2012 ... Haisla First Nation withdraws from anti-Northern Gateway Group ... Nathan VanderKlippe
November 30, 2012 ... OPEN CLIMATE LETTER TO UN SECRETARY-GENERAL: Current scientific knowledge does not substantiate UN Secretary General's assertions on weather and climate, say 125-plus scientists ... More than 125 Climate Scientists
November 16, 2012 ... Cartoon --- Hurry --- I'm here to buy your resource companies ... Adrian Raeside
October 14, 2012 ... Charting the future of crude oil ... Shawn McCarthy
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January 09, 2014 ... Another rail/oil spill --- right in The Kingdom of Irving America ... Kim Mackrael
January 05, 2014 ... The Ice Storm -- Learning to live with nature ... Globe and Mail Editorial
January 05, 2014 ... Island First Nation grasps potential of alternative power ... Sarah Petrescu
January 02, 2014 ... Pipeline projects unlikely to slow flow of oil by rail ... Jeffrey Jones
January 02, 2014 ... Big Bakken rail explosion in North Dakota ... Colin Freeze
January 02, 2014 ... Toward a more responsible energy future ... Chris Aikman
British Columbians and Albertans are at odds with each other over the flow of petroleum and water over provincial borders. Each is posing a risk to the other, not just from proposed projects for pipelines and dams, but from situations that already exist.
December 30, 2013 ... Mackenzie Valley's new price tag: $20-billion (and rising) ... Jeffrey Jones
December 30, 2013 ... Police seize Irving Oil records in probe of Lac-Mégantic disaster ... Kim Mackrael
December 03, 2013 ... Inside the oil-shipping free-for-all that brought disaster to Lac-Mégantic ... Jacquie McNish
The Globe begins a series on the dangers of Bakken crude and shipping it by rail. The U.S. and Canada want to jointly regulate it more closely. The series starts December 3, 2013.
July 25, 2013 ... Cartoon: Cougar tails mortor boat ... Adrian Raeside

July 22, 2013 ... After the flood, hard questions for Albertans ... Edmonton Journal
And then comes one of the most difficult questions the government will face. Will homeowners be allowed to rebuild their homes on flood plains?
July 19, 2013 ... Probe of Lac-Mégantic train disaster turns to composition of oil --- "Crude oil does not blow up," says railway ... Jacquie McNish
There are several possiblities --- someone added volatile chemicals to thin the crude --- or --- the crude contained "flammable, corrosive, poisonous and explosive" hydrogen sulfide gas.
July 15, 2013 ... Graphic: How 72 lethal cars in an unmanned 10,000 ton train hit Lac Mégantic at over 100 kph ... Jeff Piper, engineer, and David Thomson, mathemati
July 11, 2013 ... After the Mégantic disaster --- under the Obama No Emission Principle will there be No Trains and No Keystone XL? ... Thomas Homer-Dixon
The fires had barely been extinguished when commentators started arguing that the tragedy proved pipelines are a safer way to carry oil than rail. So US President Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline to ship Albertas bitumen to refineries in the southern United States. But this logic is completely wrong. In reality, if President Obama adheres to the criterion that he has said will guide his decision on whether to approve Keystone XL, the Lac-Mégantic accident effectively weakens rather than strengthens the case for the pipeline and therefore lowers, perhaps dramatically, the odds he'll approve it.
July 11, 2013 ... The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway ... Wikipedia
Over the previous decade the firm recorded a higher accident rate than the rest of the US rail fleet, according to data from the Federal Railroad Administration. In the previous year the railroad had 36.1 accidents per million miles travelled, in comparison to a national average of 14.6 accidents.
July 11, 2013 ... Tom Harding, the man in charge of the Lac-Megantic train ... tonight
Friends and acquaintances painted a portrait today of the friendly Anglo railman who enjoyed chatting with locals in his accented French during regular stopovers in Lac-Megantic.
July 10, 2013 ... The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster is a Corporate Crime ... Wade Rowland
In jurisdictions where this absence of ethical sensibility is recognized as a problem inherent in big corporations, governments step in with tightly-enforced regulations and significant penalties for breaking them, which re-balances the corporate cost-benefit analysis, encouraging greater prudence and better social outcomes. But in Canada, railway regulation has been progressively weakened, rather than strengthened, during both the Harper administration and previous Liberal governments. The railway industry, despite astronomical growth in the shipment of crude oil by rail over the past few years, has calculated that the added profit to be gained by keeping personnel costs to a bare minimum, and putting off equipment upgrades and rail-bed maintenance as long as possible, is greater than the potential cost of any likely accident.
July 09, 2013 ... Calgary's Mayor Nenshi Summoned By Toronto Twitter Users ... Huffington Post
"Dear Calgary - we're in a bit of a bind. Can we borrow your Mayor for like two weeks?"
July 09, 2013 ... Record Rainfall brings on massive Toronto floods, power outages, GO Train Chaos ... Huffington Post
"It is really, probably the most intense, wettest moment in Toronto's history," Environment Canada senior climatologist David Philips told The Canadian Press. "No infrastructure could handle just have to accept the fact that you're going to be flooded." Phillips said two separate storm cells moved over the city at the same time, and then stalled over Toronto for hours. "It's almost like Toronto was a target with a bull's eye," he said.
July 08, 2013 ... Lac Mégantic Train-Wreck Explosion ... You Tube

July 08, 2013 ... 8 more bodies found in Lac-Mégantic, raising death toll to 13 ... CBC
Some 50 people are said to be missing  a figure that includes the 13 unidentified bodies that have been recovered since the train derailed at about 1 a.m. ET Saturday
July 01, 2013 ... Video --- 19 firefighters die in Arizona ... Fox News
The tragedy all but wiped out the 20-member Granite Mountain Hotshots, a unit based at Prescott, authorities said Monday as the last of the bodies were retrieved from the mountain in the town of Yarnell. Only one member survived, and that was because he was moving the unit's truck at the time.
June 20, 2013 ... Video --- Massive flooding throughout Alberta ... Huffington Post

June 20, 2013 ... Imperial Oil shuts its Nova Scotia Refinery ... Huffington Post
Imperial's vice-president of refining said the refinery finds itself at the edge of an ocean where up to two million barrels of gasoline are available at competitive rates each day.
June 12, 2013 ... Obama and Kerry persuade China to cooperate on greenhouse control ... Canadian Press
The idea is for the U.S. and China to work together to use a decades-old ozone-protection treaty called the Montreal Protocol to phase out hydrofluorocarbons  coolants that flow through refrigerators and air conditioners. Hydrofluorocarbons  or HFCs  don't deplete the ozone layer, but they're potent greenhouse gases, far more powerful at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.
June 11, 2013 ... All about OPEC ... Shawn McCarthy
Graphic --- the Price of Oil --- 1960 - 2013
June 05, 2013 ... Oil-spill response disorganized, audits find ... Vancouver Sun
Internal government audits of the Canadian Coast Guard's capacity to monitor and respond to a marine oil spill found a system that was outdated, disorganized and in need of an overhaul.
May 24, 2013 ... Kinder Morgan takes next step in its Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion plan ... Canadian Press
Kinder Morgan Canada has taken the next step in its plan to almost triple the capacity of its Trans Mountain oil pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, B.C.
May 14, 2013 ... Big Oil offices raided in biggest price fixing probe since Libor ... Reuters
European authorities have raided offices of oil majors Shell, BP and Statoil as part of a probe into suspected manipulation of oil prices, one of the biggest cross-border actions since the Libor rigging scandal. Authorities have sharply raised scrutiny of financial benchmarks around the world since slapping large fines on some of the world's biggest banks for rigging two interest rate benchmarks Libor and Euribor.
May 12, 2013 ... How TransCanada fumbled the Keystone pipeline project ... Nathan VanDerKlippe
[Trans Canada] have shot themselves in the foot because of their total arrogance.
May 09, 2013 ... Despite Al Gore --- is U.S. bound to allow Keystone under the North American Free Trade Agreement? ... L. Ian MacDonald
In the energy chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement, we guaranteed the Americans security of supply in return for security of access. It's the considered view of Brian Mulroney, the father of free trade, and Derek Burney, who negotiated it, that the U.S. is violating the agreement in delaying approval of Keystone
May 07, 2013 ... Enbridge's Line 9 west-to-east pipeline reversal plan runs up against skeptical public ... Nicolas Van Praet
Enbridge and its refinery customers estimate that refineries alone will save $23-billion over the next 30 years with the move, guaranteeing their future as suppliers to local oil users ... On the other side stand environmental activists
April 27, 2013 ... Canada not losing money for lack of pipelines economist claims ... Andrew Nikiforuk
And whatever revenue losses upstream oil companies might have sustained due to fickle bitumen markets, their integrated downstream refineries recouped them with what the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce calls "super-normal cash flows" in 2011 and 2012. Oil sand producers including Suncor, Imperial, Husky, Nexen, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Shell, Cenovus and Chevron all own upgraders or refineries downstream.
April 23, 2013 ... Likely new B.C. Premier stops "just short of condemning" the Kinder Morgan plan to twin its existing line from Alberta to Burnaby ... Vancouver Sun
Dix, already opposed to Enbridge's $6.5-billion pipeline to Kitimat, stopped just short of condemning the Kinder Morgan plan to twin its existing line from Alberta to Burnaby. He has been under considerable pressure from the environmental movement to take a stand.
April 23, 2013 ... B.C. NDP would kill carbon trading --- dedicate carbon tax revenues to "green" projects ... Judith Lavoie
"Instead of using [carbon trading] funds to invest in energy-efficiency initiatives in schools and hospitals, the bulk of the money has been gifted to profitable corporations."
April 22, 2013 ... What I'd like to see this Earth Day: More fracking ... Bjorn Lomborg
German taxpayers have poured $130-billion into subsidizing solar panels, but ultimately by the end of the century, this will postpone global warming by a trivial 37 hours. The electric car is even less efficient
April 19, 2013 ... Kwakiutl First Nation leave group negotiating resource deals ... Judith Lavoie
"The agreement has not stopped large amounts of timber being harvested from Kwakiutl traditional territory and the band does not have sufficient resources to assess applications ... "
April 18, 2013 ... Canada's crumbling National Parks ... Calgary Herald Editorial
The federal government is reducing Parks Canadas funding by $29.2 million over three years
April 16, 2013 ... B.C. NDP extension of carbon tax plan 'economic suicide' says energy economist ... Vancouver Sun
April 16, 2013 ... Northern Gateway appears likely to be rejected by next B.C. government ... Justine Hunter
April 16, 2013 ... Pipeline process shrouded in lack of information and cumbersome questionaire ... Gloria Galloway
Anyone who wants to voice concerns about the propsed reversal and expansion of a line across Ontario must complete a 10-page application --- something even seasoned environmental campaigners have had trouble finding on the National Energy Board website
April 12, 2013 ... It's time for B.C. to modernize its mining act ... Josie Osborne
B.C.'s Mineral Tenure Act is based on the "free entry" system that has been abandoned by many other jurisdictions, including Alberta. Free entry allows miners to pay a minimal fee to stake a claim virtually anywhere in B.C., without first consulting or obtaining approval from the B.C. government, First Nations or local governments. Once a mineral claim is registered, it creates a legal entitlement that overrides other land uses.
April 08, 2013 ... Are there better ways of taking oil out of the Oil Sands? Established players prefer the status quo ... Konrad Yakabuski
a Calgary-based start-up called N-Solv has already developed a way to extract bitumen using warm solvents  instead of the carbon- and water-intensive SAGD technique  that reduces per barrel emissions by 85 per cent
April 08, 2013 ... Former Imperial Oil Director: A Kitimat refinery has many benefits ... Jim Shepard
In the petroleum cycle, from well exploration to the gas station, the jurisdiction that hosts the refining process enjoys a huge portion of the value addition to the raw material
April 04, 2013 ... Alberta's bold plan to cut emissions stuns Ottawa and oil industry ... Shawn McCarthy
One of the really important things right now is that both the province and the federal government recognize that theres got to be some signals to Washington that environmental change is taking place in Canada
April 02, 2013 ... Momentum builds for Alberta 850,000 barrels per day oil pipeline to East Coast ... Calgary Herald
April 02, 2013 ... Information commissioner right to investigate 'muzzling' of scientists ... Globe and Mail Editorial
The respected British science journal Nature was so alarmed by the government's policies that in February of 2012 it took the unusual step of publishing an editorial criticizing "the cumbersome approval process that stalls or prevents meaningful contact with Canada's publicly funded scientists."
April 01, 2013 ... Arkansas pipeline leak fires up Keystone opponents ... Paul Koring
The ruptured Pegasus line was built in the 1940s. Newer lines have additional safeguards and are built to higher standards.
April 01, 2013 ... Does Stephen Harper oppose carbon emission control law? ... John Ivison
If the first rule of politics is never to believe anything until it is officially denied, the second is never to believe politicians who promise they are about to do the right thing, no matter how unpopular.
April 01, 2013 ... The Ehtanol Debate ... National Public Radio
The need for the ethanol program is gone but the thing is ... once you get something it's very hard to undo it.
March 28, 2013 ... Calgary researchers tout 'rust power' as a renewable energy source ... Globe and Mail
The classic challenge for renewable energy is that available supply does not always correlate with demand. The wind may be blowing at 2 a.m., but there is little need for the energy generated at that moment  hence the interest in catalysts that can facilitate renewable energy storage and smooth out the supply problem.
March 26, 2013 ... Most Americans favor Keystone Pipeline ... Joanna Slater
bitter disagreement over the merits of the pipeline tends to obscure the fact that according to opinion polls, a majority of Americans approve of the project
March 25, 2013 ... For Obama, Keystone decision is a study in symbolism ... Bryne Purchase
March 23, 2013 ... Will they go far enough to safeguard our coast? We ask Green Party leader Eliazabeth May. ... CBC Victoria
March 22, 2013 ... Another round of cuts planned for Fisheries and Oceans Canada ... Cindy Harnett
March 22, 2013 ... Prevention key to tanker safety ... Victoria Times Colonist editorial
March 22, 2013 ... Esquimalt residents and businesses outraged by location of sewage-sludge plant questioned by scientists ... Lindsay Kines
March 21, 2013 ... Is bitumen heavier than water? ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 21, 2013 ... Storm drains are not part of sewage system but are a major source of ocean pollution ... John Goudy
March 20, 2013 ... Beleaguered B.C. Premier eager to hitch onto Northern Gateway Kitimat refinery plan ... Les Leyne
March 19, 2013 ... Closure of research stations belies Ottawas claim that it is protecting the environment ... Globe and Mail Editorial
March 18, 2013 ... Is building upgraders the best way to create value for bitumen ... Kelly Cryderman
March 18, 2013 ... On the Gulf Coast, a pipeline debate hits home ... Shawn McCarthy
March 18, 2013 ... Graphic --- How bitumen is refined ... Globe and Mail
March 18, 2013 ... Keystone XL: The benefits and costs of a controversial pipeline ... Globe and Mail
March 17, 2013 ... A 'massive intrusion': Promise and peril in Trans Mountain pipeline ambitions through B.C. mainland ... Jeff Lewis
March 15, 2013 ... Moving bitumen to market: the case for rail ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 12, 2013 ... Jeremy Grantham - Financial Bubble Predicter - Believer in human created global warming ... Charlie Rose
March 11, 2013 ... Workers unused to natural gas wells blamed for fiery blowout in northern B.C. ... Canadian Press
March 08, 2013 ... Kitimat refinery plan faces challenges ... Victoria Times Colonist editorial
March 08, 2013 ... Dreamliner's Lithium-ion Battery Woes A Deja Vu Moment For Aviation Industry --- 1970s introduction of nickel-cadmium ... National Public Radio
March 07, 2013 ... Black's Kitimat refinery dream inches toward reality ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 07, 2013 ... BP Bows Out Of Solar, But Industry Outlook Still Sunny ... National Public Radio
March 04, 2013 ... The Alberta and Alaska Heritage funds compared ... Jason Clemens
March 04, 2013 ... B.C.'s three potential LNG sites ... Nathan VanderKlippe
March 01, 2013 ... 'Bitumen Cliff' report demonizes Canadas resource boom ... Philip Cross
February 25, 2013 ... True innovation doesn't flow from a pipeline ... Konrad Yakabuski
February 25, 2013 ... Are 'extractive elites' sucking the life out of Canadas economy? ... Diane Francis
February 22, 2013 ... Alberta has a new export --- the petroleum trap ... Trevor Harrison
February 21, 2013 ... Billions projected in savings if Quebec refiners switch to Alberta Oil ... Sophie Cousineau
February 20, 2013 ... Geologist's provocative study challenges popular assumption about fracking and shale production ... Ivan Semeniuk
February 19, 2013 ... British Columbians pay huge markup for carbon offsets, records sho ... Mark Hume
February 19, 2013 ... Propagandists inflate number of protesters at Feb 17/13 --- anti-Keystone rally --- even protesters voiced disappointment at the numbers. ... Paul Koring
February 19, 2013 ... Enbridge plans to convert gas pipeline to oil to ease crude glut ... Jeff Lewis
February 19, 2013 ... Canada's cred on climate change won't need much work: enviro minister ... Andy Blatchford
February 19, 2013 ... Most weather presenters don't know much about climate science, and many who do are fearful of talking about something so polarizing. ... Jennifer Ludden
February 12, 2013 ... Green groups win the battle of the pipeline ... Claudia Cattaneo
February 11, 2013 ... Why Obama will okay the Keystone pipeline ... Claudia Cattaneo
February 11, 2013 ... Arctic Oil: Handle with care ... Globe and Mail Editorial
February 11, 2013 ... Twilight of Alberta's energy boom --- a new fiscal challenge ... Gordon Pitts
February 07, 2013 ... Mismanaging and managing oil wealth --- Canada compared to Norway ... Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
February 01, 2013 ... For Americans, Keystone brings a sharp divide ... Chrystia Freeland
January 27, 2013 ... "Fracing" makes for better propaganda than "Horizontal Drilling" ... National Public Radio
January 24, 2013 ... Whatever happened to climate change? ... Margaret Wente
January 23, 2013 ... Keystone XL approved in Nebraska - fate now squarely in the hands of U.S. State Department ... Canadian Press
January 21, 2013 ... Temporary miner from China sees human rights complaint against union rejected ... Dene Moore
January 16, 2013 ... Douglas Channel is a harrowing route for ships ... Joseph Peters
January 16, 2013 ... Protesters in custody after disrupting Northern Gateway hearings in Vancouver ... Dene Moore
January 15, 2013 ... Northern Gateway pipelines biggest foe is Middle Canada ... Jack Knox
January 13, 2013 ... Security worries trumped right to know at Victoria Enbridge hearing ... Victoria Times Colonist editorial
December 10, 2012 ... Harper draws a line in the oil sands ... Shawn McCarthy
December 07, 2012 ... What's in Kinder Morgan pipeline for Victoria? ... Jack Knox
December 05, 2012 ... Enbridge financial affairs ... Globe and Mail
November 30, 2012 ... Planet's ice sheets melting faster and faster study shows ... Bob Weber
November 12, 2012 ... Errata on caribou could prove a costly Enbridge error ... Mark Hume
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