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Monday, November 23, 2020
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U.S. President Barak Obama has branded him a corporate welfare bum --- town gossips claim he is a trillionaire --- the Old Timer lives in subsidized housing and spends his days dumpster diving

11-May-07 - What can we do to reign in an amoral, out-of-control, dangerous Peoples Republic of China?

Last year two Canadian citizens, Huseyincan and Karim Celil, visited Karim's family in Uzbekistan. The Chinese government kidnapped Celil and clapped him in a Beijing jail cell. Canada protested - China ignored the protests. The Chinese secret police staged a kangaroo court trial - imprisoned Mr. Celil for 15 years - for "terrorism" - Karim claims the Chinese are torturing him. Last week, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay ignored the turn-the-other-cheek clucking and tut-tutting of diplomatic bureaucrats in Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and took up the Celil case with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi. Yang Jiechi attacked MacKay for "interference in China's internal affairs". China's trade surplus with Canada is $3.3 billion - if China alienates Canada, China risks losing a good customer. But it's obvious that boycotting Chinese imports won't work - more important to the Chinese than a good customer is the risk of losing face. The Chinese secret police stand to lose face if China releases Huseyincan Celil.

Unsanitary conditions in the markets where Chinese buy live civet cats (a Chinese delicacy) caused the world-wide SARS epidemic four years ago. China refuses to admit the markets are unhealthy - won't close them or clean them up - to do so would be to admit China isn't perfect - to lose face. To save face, the Chinese government lied about the severity and danger of the epidemic and compounded the epidemic. 800 (including 44 Torontonians) died. Each year Chinese pig markets infect North Americans with a new but preventable (by cleaning up the pig markets) flu virus. To avert bankruptcy, a Chinese plant manufacturing melamine (a cyanide based pesticide) mixed it with wheat gluten and exported it to North America to bulk up pet food. When the U.S. Department of Agriculture detected the poison, there were massive recalls but the Chinese have allowed the plant to continue operating.

Some years ago, China acquired a large oil reserve in the South Darfur area of Sudan. The government of Sudan and a paramilitary Islamic outfit, the Janjaweed, have engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing directed against the residents of South Darfur - each month murder 10,000 South Darfurians - to date have murdered over 400,000. To endear themselves to the Sudanese, China has financed the genocide and has blocked efforts in the United Nations to boycott Sudan and send a peace-keeping force into Darfur.

China refuses to protect individual rights, condones torture. More than 90% of all "legal' executions carried out throughout the world are carried out by the the Peoples Republic, at least 3,400 a year. In March 2004 one senior Chinese official laid out a plan to execute one million wrong-doers a year. The police execute ordinary citizens by firing dumdum bullets from AK47 assault rifles into their heads; cut open their bodies, harvest and sell their organs; deliver each shattered bullet to a prisoners' relatives and demand a "bullet fee". The Chinese believe that it's easier to die from a lethal injection than from a dumdum bullet - a few Chinese bigshots who can't bribe their way out of death penalties for corruption are dispatched by lethal injection. Corruption runs rampant in China. China turns a blind eye while well-connected Chinese businessmen pirate videos and computer programs while, with alacrity, spam artists defraud North Americans.

To feed the Chinese bureaucracy's hunger for "prestige", the Peoples Republic has built the huge, wasteful Three Gorges Dam - 1.3 million Chinese have been dispossessed of their homes. Every day Chinese industry belches out more and more lung destroying pollutants.

The Chinese government believes China is on an economic roll and, therefore, feels free to ignore international public opinion. And many North American businessmen and businesswomen, hoping to milk huge profits from the world's largest country, go along. Short of going to war, what can we do to bring the Chinese to account? Most Chinese officials would rather die than lose face. A threat of loss of face will focus their minds wonderfully. The serious threat of boycotting next year's Bejing Summer Olympics would work - a boycott of the Bejing Olympics as the Moscow Olympics of 1984 were boycotted would constitute an intolerable loss of face and would bring the Chinese to heel. On the other hand, if we fail to boycott the Bejing Olympics, we will have rewarded atrocious behavior and the Chinese will go on to behave even more atrociously. Where did our failure to boycott Hitler's 1936 Olympics lead? To the seizure of Austria and Czechoslovakia; to the pogroms; to the Second World War; to the Holocaust.

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Reader Opinions on this story
To go to the main story Don't boycott China, boycott China's Olympics CLICK HERE asks - Are they harvesting organs from live prisoners? You talked of harvesting organs from the dead in China, what about harvesting organs from "live" prisoners.One can be sympathetic to the plight of ailing Canadians (and others across the world ) who are on a wait list for years to obtain an organ, but turning a blind eye as to how these are obtained (for instance from Falun Gong prisoners ). According to today's (Friday, May 18, 2007) Saskatoon Star Phoenix, former Liberal MP David Kilgour and Winnipeg human rights lawyer David Matas have investigated and have reported that it is clear Fahun Gong members are being targeted over other ethnic groups and religions, as part of a campaign to villianize their spiritual practices since they fell out of favor with the Government in 2000 and organs from live Fahun Gong members are being harvested. Websites market transplants in China in five different languages and in some cases guarantee availability of a matching organ within two weeks. Would this not be another reason to boycott China? Isn't this a wake-up call to all Canadians to sign their donor cards so the sick aren't forced to make such desperate choices? If more organs were available people would not need to obtain transplants by becoming organ tourists. Unfortunatley people don't think beyond their own needs, and don't really care how or what is done to others in order for them to get an organ. Where has their sense of humanity gone? The Eye Opener's reply:
If this is true, the Chinese are out of control. The Eye Opener will investigate immediately.
To go to the main story Don't boycott China, boycott China's Olympics CLICK HERE says: let's lobby our athletes Anyone with a brain in their heads should certainly boycott the Bejiing Summer Olympics if that is what it takes for them to "lose face" I also think that we, as human beings should not allow, nor tolerate the conditions that go on in China. Whether or not they lose face if Countries boycotted their exports, time might prove that to be a good thing too. Lets stop the greed that runs rampant in this great world of ours and start to be once again, decent minded citizens who care about what happens in other countries to the people living with those conditions. From a faithful reader to the Eye Opener.. Thanks for opening the eyes of the many people who always say that they don't really know what is going on in other countries. No more "turning blind eyes", but rather let's take action!!!! And if our politicians won't act let's lobby our athletes!!!!!