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The Calgary Eye Opener
Monday, November 23, 2020
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by SCOOPO CINCO, The Eye Opener's Secret Cuba Correspondent

04-May-07 - When Fidel Castro overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, in 1959, he forthwith seized 75% of Cuba's best farmland and turned it over to the poor peasants who farmed it. It had been owned by several huge American corporations. Prinicpal among them was the United Fruit Company - United Fruit of Boston, Massachusetts controlled by the same men who ran the CIA, U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, CIA Director Supremo Allen. And Castro banned gambling and prostitution in Cuba and seized the hotels and casinos owned by the American Mafia. "I've spent a lot of time in [our] files doing research on the plots against Fidel over the last 35 years", said Castro's former secret police chief General Fabian Escalante. "We have documentation of 612 of them, but I think there were even more." And said Castro himself: "If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal." Here are some of the attempts discovered by the Calgary Eye Opener:
  • Castro fathered a son with Marita Lorenz, a New York socialite who remained madly, and visibly, in love with Castro. CIA Deputy Director Desmond Fitzgerald (code named "El Coyote") handed Lorenz $6,000 and three poison capsules, prepared by CIA Technical Director Joseph Schreider (code named "Kato"), and flew her to Havana. There she contacted a randy Castro - he invited her to his Havana Hilton Hotel room - answered his door clad in nothing more than a pair of unmatched socks and his famous pistole, strapped to his hip, and his pillbox guerilla cap. Lorenz bee lined for the bathroom - flushed the poison pills down the toilet - the toilet, plugged with chicken bones, rejected them - Lorenz felt a hairy, heavy hand on her shoulder - with muy mucho machisimo, Castro handed her his pistole - "Me tiras (Shoot Me)". As he knew she would, she bedded him down and headed back to the U.S. "So you paid him six grand to get laid," whined Coyote - Castro had ended up with the $6,000.
  • To negotiate the release of 1,113 CIA mercenarys Castro had captured at the Bay of Pigs, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert hired a scuba diving buddy of Castro's, New York lawyer James Donovan. Coyote was deeply miffed - the CIA and only the CIA should have negotiated the release - the Kennedys and Donovan had violated exclusive CIA turf. Wilyly, Coyote concocted a Keystonian scheme to settle accounts with Castro, Donovan and the Kennedys. Kato was ordered to buy an expensive wet suit from Ellingsworth Fitzgerald, owner of the Acme Dive Shop in Miami's Fontainbleu Hotel; to powder the suit with a TB virus custom manufactured for the CIA by the Acme Chemical Company; to fly the suit down to Havana; to hand the suit to Donovan. Though Robert Kennedy knew nothing about the plot, Kato was instructed to order Donovan to present the suit to Castro as a present from Kennedy. "Sorry," apologized Donovan. "Bobby Kennedy's already sent Castro a suit - and a hell of alot better one."
  • Kato was ordered to design a mini-submarine which the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics (Fitzgerald served on its board of directors) constructed (at an eventual cost of five million 1962 U.S. dollars). Coyote commissioned Chairman Quincy Fitzgerald of the Acme Novelty Company to supply Kato with two dozen booby-trapped monster sea shells (the cost of the sea shells is classified). The mini strapped to its deck, a U.S. Navy submarine surfaced in Cienfuegos Bay on Cuba's south coast, Castro's favorite scuba diving venue. The sub's crew unstrapped the mini, Kato at its controls, filled a net strung beneath its keel with activated sea shells. As they lowered it overboard a swell rolled the mini against the sub's hull - sub and mini were destroyed. The Cubans captured Kato - did not shoot him - ransomed him for $10,000,000.
  • Prior to the mini-submarine venture, Kato had designed a poison filled syringe, disguised as a fountain pen. Coyote hired Rolando Cubela Secades, a disillusioned Castro comrade, to meet Castro and prick him with the pen. When Cuebela, a medical doctor, learned that Kato had filled the pen with harmless "Black Leaf 40", a failed Acme Chemicals insecticide, designed to kill cockroaches, he smashed it under foot. After the mini-sub plot failed, Cuebela's cover was blown (to this day no one knows how) and Cuebela was sent to Cuba's notorious Isle of Pines prison for 30 years (he was released after 12).
  • After Cuebela's arrest, Coyote and Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana created a joint task force, code named AMTHUG. Giancana favored the use of effervescent synthetic botulism tablets and ordered Kato to place 12 tablets (obtained from Acme Pharmaceuticals) in a metal cigar tube. Mafia hit man John Rosseli promised a reward of $1,000,000 to one Santos de la Caridad, a bartender at the Havana Libre Hotel where Castro often entertained international dignitaries. Rosselli instructed Santos de la Caridad to hide the tube in the hotel's freezer until Castro visited his bar. On his next visit Castro ordered a a chocolate milk shake. Alas, when Santos de la Caridad removed the tube from the freezer, the pills were frozen so tightly to its inside wall that Santos de la Caridad couldn't pry them loose. Castro enjoyed the unpoisoned milk shake and Mafioso Roselli ended up floating face down in an oil drum in Miami.
  • Coyote and Kato sprayed a box of Castro's favourite cigars with the Black Death virus - the cigars were stolen from Coyote's Ford Thunderbird - ended up in a tobacco store in Victoria, B.C. - 30 cigar-smoking American tourists ceased to emit CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere.
  • When Castro visited Chilean president Salvador Allende in November 1971, Coyote and Kato hired one Miguel Recarey, armed with an Acme Instruments camera-revolver, to pose as a photographer . The camera flashed but did not fire.
  • Despairing of ever killing Castro, the two turned to humiliating the godless dictator. To defoliate Castro's beard, Fitzgerald and Schreider paid one Camilo Padreda, who identified himself as Castro's valet, $50,000 to spray Acme Chemical custom manufactured Agent Orange on Castro's boots. Shortly thereafter one Guillermo Hern├índez Cartaya contacted Coyote and Kato. Hernandez identified himself as a technician at Radio Havana with access to the studio from which Castro delivered his long-winded radio addresses to the Cuban people. The two paid Hernandez $100,000 and instructed him to proceed to the Sierra Maestra mountains of Eastern Cuba to await delivery, by parachute, of an aerosol can filled by Acme Chemicals with LSD. Sadly, the U-2 aircraft carrying the parachute was not pressurized. Its pilot was last heard from in hot pursuit of man-made CO2 in the earth's outer atmosphere. Padreda, too, disappeared but eventually turned up in Miami. In 1982, Padreda and Hern├índez were charged in a U.S. Federal Court at Miami with embezzling more than $500,000 from a financial institution, Jefferson Savings and Loan.
It is rumoured that, in 1963, a three-man CIA hit squad, armed with high-powered-scope-equipped rifles and cyanide bullets landed in Cuba in Acme wetsuits - were arrested - and sent back to the U.S. On November 21, the squad traveled to Dallas on November 21. One of the three, it is rumoured, was Lee Harvey Oswald.
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  • Marita Lorenz, a "curvy black-haired beauty" was the daughter of a Nazi SS Officer and an American socialite mother. After bearing Casto's son, Lorenz bore the daughter of General Maros Perez Jimenz, one-time dictator of Venezuela; got further involved with the CIA and claimed to have trained with Lee Harvey Oswald and to have witnessed a meeting between Oswald and the man who murdered him, Jack Ruby; was, with her daughter, deposited by enemies of Perez deep in the Venezuelan jungle with a tribe of naked Yanomano Indians; joined the harem of Chief Katcho, Grand Chief of All the Yanomanos.
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