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Monday, October 26, 2020
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The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt
Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904

09-Mar-07 - In Toronto, on February 15, David Suzuki ranted, on the David Oakley radio show, of the funding of "CO2 deniers" (his spin doctor, Jim Hoggan, had thought up the idea of comparing CO2 scientific skeptics to Holocaust deniers) - of the funding of "CO2 deniers" by corporations. "Where do you get your funding?" Oakley had the temerity to ask the powerful one. "Not from corporations," Suzuki lied. A quick review of the David Suzuki Foundation's 2005-06 Annual Report reveals the following contributors, among other corporations:
  • EnCana Corporation
  • Bell Canada
  • Toyota
  • IBM, McGraw-Hill Ryerson
  • Microsoft
  • Scotia Capital
  • Warner Brothers
  • RBC
  • Canon
  • Bank of Montreal

What's also interesting in the Suzuki Annual Report is who's working for the Foundation and who's on its board of directors:

  • Working as President is Suzuki's wife, Tara Cullis
  • On the Board is Suzuki's daughter, Severn, a university student.

And, on February 26, a right wing lobby group, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, pointed out that last year much lauded environmentalist Al Gore spent $30,000 heating and powering his Nashville mansion with CO2 generating electricity and natural gas.

But it isn't the lying or the nepotism or the hypocrisy or the junk science of the CO2 zealots that bothers us. How many preachers have forecast the end of the earth - dateline tomorrow? How many snake oil salesmen have sold how many cures for everything from blackened teeth to stomach tumours? How many chiropractors have tried to cure earaches by pummeling the spines of how many trusting patients. What bothers us is the witch hunt that Suzuki and his spin doctor, Jim Hoggan, are trying to trigger. Suzuki and Hoggan remind us of the likes of Joe McCarthy, Joe Stalin and Joe Goebbels. And why does it have to be right wingers who are bringing Suzuki and Hoggan to heal. Good solid liberals like Edward Murrow and Joseph Welsh brought down Joe McCarthy.

Reader Opinions on this story
To go to the main story The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt CLICK HERE David Ball copy to go to National Stewardship Foundation I will also look for "Bubble Man", as I am a voracious reader. Licia Corbella (Calgary Sun editor) is a fan of my dad's and she had heard about the death threats he has received. She is also aware of the amount of effort he has put forth for his cause, which has put strain on him physically. Sadly, my dad has received very little in the way of financial compensation and is constantly paying out his own pocket. So much for being in "industry's pocket". He has paid with his health and wealth. I was listening to CBC 1 today and heard the show about the "massive migration of man" that will occur due to rising sea levels and global warming. I was not aware that comedy an integral part of daytime programming at the CBC. My wife would not let me watch "Global Warning" week on Discovery channel, as my doctor says I should not let my blood boil too often. It's quite alright, as I find Jay Ingram to be the journalistic equivalent of a cloud of black flies (painfully annoying).

You have my permission to add the letter to the Eye Opener. I will be sending the letters to a fellow named Tom Harris in Ottawa, who is the media watchdog for the National Stewardship Foundation. He searches out anything to do with global warming in the media to keep dad up to date with what all are doing and saying.

Thanks. ....Dave The Eye Opener's reply:
Please provide us with more information about the death threats.

We are going to look into Tom Harris and the National Stewardship Foundation.

To go to the main story The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt CLICK HERE David Ball stands up for his father in the Calgary Sun Professor Tim Ball's son, David, wrote to the Calgary Sun recently in support of his father and sent us a copy of his letter:

My name is David Ball and I am Dr. Tim Ball's eldest son. I know you are familiar with my father and his work, but I felt it important that you know more about him than that. Obviously I am going to be biased on this subject, but it is important that the world knows these things about this man. People have accused my father of being in "Big Oils" pocket. Nothing could be further from the truth. To give you an idea of the kind of principles my father has, he taught a course for seniors only called Contemporary World Issues. He refused to charge any money for the course for fear of being perceived of "fleecing" the elderly. All my life I have watched my father stand up for what was right, to his own detriment. His pursuit of the truth has been relentless and no amount of money could ever sway him from that path. Both my parents have been successful in their respective fields, despite having careers that have given back to society (teaching and nursing).
My father has studied the climate for as long as I can remember, and has also infused in me an enthusiasm for all the sciences. I have not been shown any evidence from the Gore/Suzuki side of the argument, other than their climate models( computer generated ), which cannot even remotely reproduce the world's climate. Their only argument against my father seems to be to claim that he is a shill for industry. As Rex Murphy stated, that is a the weakest of arguments!
It pains me deeply to hear these people talk this way about a man who has stood for the truth and what is right. Money is certainly not a motivation as my parents live very humbly and also more eco-friendly than anyone I know. My brother asked a very good question after this years Oscar's. "How many of those people in attendance do you think rode their bike's there that night?"
I have 2 children and am very concerned about the future for their sake. I am also a positivist and know from studying history that this is the greatest and most comfortable age that mankind has ever known. Look at where we have come from and you will see that the future will be bright, as today is brighter than yesterday. Admittedly, there are many atrocities still going on in the world, and we have a LONG way to go before all can be happy and healthy and productive, but I think positively. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns,....…

David C Ball

The Sun's response:

Your dad's views have neither been good for his health or his wealth
The Eye Opener's reply:
We think that the letter is admirable and demonstrates the sad state that this matter has come to. I'm just reading a book about the stock market bubble of the late 90's/early 21st Century - "Bubble Man" - see The big brokerage firms used similar tactics on their so-called independent analysts as the CO2 fanatics are using on today's climate scientists. Most humans, unfortunately, are populated with a surplus of herd/lemming/ flight-not-fight genes and a deficiency of common-sense. It's just human nature, I guess, but human beings would long since have disappeared from the Planet Earth (with or without global warming) if there weren't a few odd persons out who stood up and fought for their beliefs.

I didn't quite understand what the Sun meant about your father's health.

Bob Edwards

To go to the main story The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt CLICK HERE David Ball questions Suzuki's motivation Chris McMurtry has made the statement that David Suzuki has opened the dialogue on the environment issue. I can say first hand that the opposite is true. He has not answered any poignant question on the subject and has made it virtually impossible for anyone with scientific credentials (ie. Dr.Richard Lindzen of MIT, Dr. Tim Ball Phd ) in the atmospheric sciences field ( which Suzuki does not have) to voice an opinion anywhere in the media. In fact he has people on staff whose job it is to stifle anyone with opposing evidence or views!!! If politics are not on Suzuki's agenda, then what was he doing standing behind the new environment minister as he was being sworn in? And what happened to Rona Ambrose? My guess is that she did not agree with Dr. Suzuki. The science has not been proven. No science ever is. Even Einstein is still being tested!!!! I do agree that we have to clean up our dishes, so we should focus on issues that we have control over ( ie. water, food, diseases). Suzuki and Gore claim to want to save humanity, but all I can see is their hunger for power. Neither Gore nor Suzuki live "eco-friendly", but I can tell you that Dr. Ball and his wife live more "eco-friendly" than anyone I know. I should know, as Dr. Ball is my father, .... David Ball
To go to the main story The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt CLICK HERE applauds nepotism in Suzukiland We humans have been wallowing in our own filth for far too long and the dishes are piling up with each successive generation. Having our mothers tell us to clean up after ourselves isn't going to cut it this time. I respect people like Mr Suzuki, not for any politicking which you have alluded to, but for opening a dialogue and creating awareness of some pretty serious housekeeping issues that need to be addressed. Bravo, Mr and Mrs Suzuki for raising a child that wishes to work alongside you and carry your fight to the next generation.
To go to the main story The Suzuki/Hoggan Witch Hunt CLICK HERE tells editor to dry out - in no uncertain terms Unfortunately there will always be nay sayers about Global Warming and on the position that David Suzuki is taking. If attacking him makes you feel any better, so be it, but it doesn't alter the facts that indeed we do have Global warming and it is ruining our planet. Maybe you should move the Editors desk from the Long Bar at the Alberta Hotel.....dry out, and then take a good long look at all of the facts that are being stated by very many knowledgeable people who know what they are talking about.