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Friday, October 23, 2020
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Eye Opener will stage scientific debate on global warming
by Thommy Doubting, the Eye Opener's Chief Skeptitician

18-Nov-06 -
To be honest ... I don't know what else there is to be said ... We have warming - it's because o humans and it's because of fossil fuel combustion ...
Dr. Andrew Weaver, of the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Victoria
The climate changes all the time and dramatically. All you have to do is sit here ... and imagine that just 20,000 years ago, which in the Earth's history is nothing, you would have been sitting under about 1,000 meters of ice. In fact, 20,000 years ago there was an ice sheet covering Canada that is larger than the current Antarctic ice sheet. All that ice melted in less than 5,000 years and we are not even sure where all the heat energy and the causes of that melting that occurred came from. So to suggest that the fractional amounts of CO² that humans are putting up has any influence on global climate is really quite ludicrous.
Dr. Tim Ball, 32 years a professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg

"Thommy I'm confused," whined the Editor. "According to the Weaver crowd, unless we do something about CO2 it'll be worse than the two world wars and the great depression combined. The Ball crowd says implementation of the Weaverite Kyoto Treaty will cost well over a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. The hot button words: 'climate change denier', 'lap dog', 'junk science', 'grant grubber, 'apocalypse', 'hoax', Big Tobacco', 'Y2K', Lysenkoist - they're a flyin'. There's nothing like a fight to sell papers - Thommy, I want you to skepticize both of these guys. Both these two guys, Weaver and Ball, they live in the same town, Victoria. I'll rent ya' a room up on Dallas Road, Victoria and you're to skepticize both sides of this argument.

So I got my thumb out on #1 highway and three rain-soaked days later, last Wednesday at 9 o'clock, I ended up on Dallas Road, Victoria, wet and, despite all that global warming talk, cold as hell, but ready to investigate.

I turned on the TV and, talk about a propos - on comes a documentary put out by the CBC on the Fifth Estate - it's called The Denial Machine- hosted by a former center for the old Ottawa Roughriders, Bob McKeown. After football, Bob went into TV journalism. He covered the first Gulf War (weren't all reporters "embedded" [click here for the military/media interface during the Gulf War] I wondered). According to Bob, Exxon Mobil, George Bush, Stephen Harper - they're all involved in a worldwide conspiracy to challenge the "science" behind the Kyoto Treaty. Orchestrating the Worldwide Conspiracy are Apco Worldwide, Dr. Fred Singer, and a word manipulator by the name of Frank Lund (our own research has come up zero on Lund's background (if any reader can help please email us by clicking here). These folks had fought rear guard actions on behalf of Big Tobacco and played down the Exxon Valdez oil spill. If the Worldwide Exxon Conspiracy succeeds, Bob said, there'll be an apocalyptic disaster "worse than World War One, the Great Depression and World War Two put together" -- all the while thunderheads flashed out of the TV screen, smokestacks belched clouds of acid rain and a simian browed, dyslectic George W. Bush spewed out mangled English!!! And as for the above Dr. Ball's opinion, McKeown stated, with absolute certainty:

... after all, global warming is widely accepted around the world as scientific fact ...

In fact, Mr. McKeown gave me the feeling that Dr. Ball is a foot soldier, a spin doctor, a liar for hire whose weapons of choice are distortions, omissions, confusion (definition: the Eye Opener's), a run-of-the-mill "denier", a term I frankly consider obscene because it confuses and is, I suspect, intended to confuse Dr. Ball and anyone who dares question the Weaverites and Don Kyotos with Holocaust deniers like Ernst Zundel and with the Holocaust itself. This, in my view, isn't fighting by the Marquess of Queensbury Rules but then spin doctors have never, since the days of Joe Gobbels, Joe Stalin and Joe McCarthy, fought fair. And, as proof that Dr. Ball is a member of the Worldwide Conspiracy, McKeon says Ball once attended a conference in Ottawa paid for by Exxon and Apco. McKeon's Denial Machine program spends not very much time talking to Dr. Weaver ... much more to another learned gentleman, one James Hoggan of Vancouver, British Columbia. And Hoggan's qualifications? According to his web site, Jim:

has built James Hoggan and Associates into Western Canada's largest public relations and investor communications agency. Jim trained as a lawyer, but his main professional interest has always been public relations.

In short, Jim Hoggan is a spin doctor. Spin doctor Hoggan admitted, in Victoria last week, he had received a $300,000 "donation" from multimillionaire Kyoto militant John Lefebrve and Hoggan admitted he regularly spins tales on behalf of the David Suzuki Foundation (fighting CO2 emissions is the Suzuki Foundation's bread and butter - have a look at the Suzuki web site - we did and couldn't find where their funding came from - anybody who knows please e mail us by clicking here ).

We know that Dr. Ball is a climatologist of 32 years standing. We don't know from U Vic's web site quite what Dr. Weaver's qualifications are but, if he's employed as a staff member (the two other staff members being Ph.Ds) of the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Victoria, we assume he's qualified. McKeon says humankind is facing, if something isn't done about global warming, a worse apocalypse than two World Wars and a Great Depression ... the Dr. Timothy Balls of this world say Kyoto will cost over a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. To both sides the question is important. So why, this chief skeptitician asks, are both sides fighting this crucial battle, not on the field of science, but in the murky underworld of spin doctoring and questionable journalism? The science involved can be reduced to two questions:

  1. If the amount of CO2 emitted into its atmosphere increases, does the earth's climate then become substantially warmer?
  2. Are human beings pouring so much CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere that the earth's climate is becoming substantially warmer?

and the Eye Opener will organize a debate of those two questions between Weaver and Ball, in Victoria. The NPDA Rules of Debating (Modified November, 2005) will apply with two added rules:

Rule 1 - Arguments will be limited to "scientific" proofs - proofs using the "Scientific Method".

Rule 2 - Mumbo jumbo and convoluted grammatical constructions will not be allowed.

Emails are going out to Weaver and Ball.

Reader Opinions on this story
To go to the main story Eye Opener will stage scientific debate on global warming CLICK HERE appeals to faith - Eye Opener wants proof Dear Doubter, Have your faith AND trust the science: human induced global warming is here and it's not going away unless we do something about it! Enjoy your day. Cheers Joel Duncan

Reply: Science involves proof. We asked Dr. Weaver whether or not the two hypothesis:

  1. As the amount of CO2 emitted into its atmosphere increases, the Earth's climate becomes substantially warmer.
  2. Human beings are pouring so much CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere that the earth's climate is becoming substantially warmer.
and, if so, where and by whom. We've not got Dr. Weaver's answer. Perhaps you could enlighten us.

The Editor
To go to the main story Eye Opener will stage scientific debate on global warming CLICK HERE David Ball describes mistreatment by spin doctor Just wanted to applaud you for having the guts to have a real debate on the global warming subject. I am Dr. Tim Ball's eldest son, and can tell you that my father's pursuit is, and always was the truth. He is a man of honor and principle, and would never accept money from "Big Oil" to influence his perspective. You would say I am biased because he is my father, and that would be quite true, however, it is undeniable that he instilled these values in me. The "Suzukis'" of the world have never been able to show any scientific proof of their viewpoint to me or to anyone that I know. This is troubling to me. Einstein's theory of relativity is still being tested, so how can Weaver say that global warming has been proven? That the debate is over? Where has common sense gone? Where has the scientific method gone? What of equal time? Even Suzuki should know better, because his field of study (genetics) requires data and proof for any theories advanced, and is subject to thorough retesting before any acceptance. I have a 2 year old and another on the way, so the future is very important to me. My father is not a "pollutist" as he has been called. In fact, he and my mother are the most environmentally conscious people I know. Once again, "HUZZAH" for not just believing what you have been told. Contact me if you would like to, or have the time. I happen to live and work in Calgary. Thank you Regards, David Ball
To go to the main story Eye Opener will stage scientific debate on global warming CLICK HERE Doug Watson predicts ice age The best scientific information I have seen on this subject indicates that Global Warming is merely a prelude to the next ice age - just as global warming was a prelude to the last ice age. It will occur with or without man. The questions are, will it occur more quickly under the influence of man, and if so, will it occur significantly more quickly? Doug Watson