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The Calgary Eye Opener Friday, October 23, 2020
!%@From the Long Bar at the Alberta Hotel@%!
The Democratic primaries - gaga journalism and closet racism
by Fly-on-the-wall on location
The dark clouds of racial prejudice - the deep fog of misunderstandin
Martin Luther King
20-Jan-08 - ... Iowa & New Hampshire ...
Johnny Ware marched in - Handlebar Joe handed Johnny a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Paddy - CNN, PBS, the whole bunch of the liberal TV news crowd have gone feel-good-gaga over my fellow black, Barack Obama. They coulda' done better - to start with a United States senator - from a border state who doesn't know Canada is ruled not by a Presidente - doesn't know it's ruled - usually - by the principle of the devine right of prime ministers - why Paddy, it's bringin' back bad memories of America's #1 bad guy - Bush Minor - well it's worse - Bush - knew about prime ministers - and envied 'em I'm sure - but he didn't know our guy's name - he thought our Tsar of All The Canada's name was "Jean Poutine".

I'll let you say it, John - if I said it I'd be banned from this bar for political incorrectness - but you're right.

But Paddy, racism is alive and well in the U.S. of A. A USA Today/Gallup poll of New Hampshireites taken on January 7, declared that the black candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama, had a 13 point lead over former presidential wife, Hillary Clinton. A CNN poll that same day handed Obama a 9 point lead. But next day, January 9, primary day, New Hampshireites gave Hillary 39% of the vote - Obama only 36%.

I don't get ya' John. All that shows is that ordinary Democrats can't resist a woman in tears - I can't meself. After the poll, before the primary election, Hillary broke into tears in a Starbucks in Manchester.

Paddy - before Hillary started bawling, her hubby, ex-president Bill, rounded up every media hack in the state and herded 'em inta that Starbucks. Bawlin' had nothin' to do with it. Lyin' is what did it - what accounts fer the difference. The New Hampshireites Gallup and CNN polled - they lied to the pollsters. Why? Cause they were scared if they said they weren't going to vote for Obama - the pollster 'id think them bigots - racists. It's called the "Bradley Effect". After Tom Bradley, the black mayor of Los Angeles. In 1982, Bradley ran for governor of California. The polls had him eight points ahead - he lost the election. A lot of Californios lied. In bureauspeak it's called "social-desirability bias".

But John - the polls for the January Iowa Caucuses primary were right on. The polls showed Obama at 38% - Hillary at 29%. The vote was 38% for Obama; 29% for Hillary. Right on. Why no Bradley/social-desirability problem there? And though the polls for the Nevada Caucuses didn't predict John Edwards would get skunked they did predict Hillary would win.

You've made my point fer me Paddy. At the Iowa and Nevada Caucus primaries there were no secret ballots. Ya' had ta' stand up in public and be counted. Ya' either had, on the one hand, ta' be a total hypocrite and vote against what ya actually believed or, on the other, look like a racist. In Iowa a bunch of people chose to be hypocrites. In Nevada - a little more honestly. But the CBC reports that Nevada blacks voted as a block - for Obama. In Nevada - why the worst racists - I hate to tell ya' - are Latinos and they're 13% of the population and almost all voted - I believe - against Obama. Mark my words, Paddy, racism is alive and well in America. I know - that's why I left and why I'm stayin' here despite global cooling. Where you'll really see it is next Saturday, January 26 - when Democrats vote in South Carolina .... the state where I was a slave. According to the CBC over 50% of South Carolina democrats are black - I predict they'll block vote for Obama. And the whites'll block vote against Obama. Many South Carolinians remember segregation - it's only 40 years since - many whites remember segregation nostagically. In the U.S. as a whole - they're a lot more whites than black. No - racism is - let me tell you - evil, evil, evil - the U.S. hasn't overcome it. But here's to the day it does, Paddy.

Here's ta' that John.


Bob Edwards,
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"The Death and Life of Great American Cities"
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