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Is owning a Canadian slave illegal

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Why can an American buy Mexicans but cannot buy Canadians?

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Provincial Exports circa 2012

I drove the last spike on the CPR railroad in 1885. A fellow I fired wrote a book about me, full of vicious lies and insinuations and exaggerations ... trouble is though, it's mainly true Thursday, March 01, 2012 ---
Geologist calls for a debate on science of global warming

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Wednesday, February 22, 2012 ---

From the Banks of the South Saskatchewan Sunday, February 19, 2012 ---
A Bum's Xmas in Calgary

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Friday, December 16, 2011 ---
Is global warming caused by human-made CO2?

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, December 06, 2011 ---
Is Global Warming caused by Humans? Let's debate the facts!!!.

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, November 01, 2011 ---
"The national parks of Canada are hereby dedicated to the people of Canada for their benefit, education and enjoyment, subject to this Act and the regulations, and the parks shall be maintained and made use of so as to leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations."
Canada National Parks Act

The Old Contrarian from Pincher Creek --- U.S. President Barak Obama has branded him a corporate welfare bum --- town gossips claim he is a trillionaire --- the Old Timer lives in subsidized housing and spends his days dumpster diving


What happened to you Ducks? Mosquito bites from head to toe. Clothes ripped to shreds -- the back end out of your pants. Right ear hanging by a piece of skin. Where have ya' been -- in a bar room brawl up in the Zoo at the MacKenzie Hotel in Inuvik, Northwest Territories?

I'm back from a trip down memory lane --- Waskesiu --- in Prince Albert National Park --- where I used to spend my summers in the 40s. In them there days I'd take the wife and seven kids up there --- we had a shack tent we bought for $75.00 --- we'd put it up right next to the main beach on the lake --- rent was $1.00 a week --- there was a guy there called Harry Houghton --- the recreational director --- he was an army colonel --- he'd been in charge of recreation for the whole Canadian army during World War II. He organized the kids every day --- on sunny days they'd learn how to swim or go out on boat trips --- on lousy days --- ping pong tournaments in the Community Hall --- among the world's most beautiful buildings --- it's still there in spite of federal bureaucrats (Waskesiu's in Prince Albert National Park) who wanted to rip it down and build a "comfort station" in the style they call the bauhaus. In the evenings wiener roasts, free movies and sing songs. Meantime, me and my better half'd have a swim and a good sun bath and spend the whole day unbothered by the kids --- procreatin'. Because of Harry, one kid's a brain surgeon, another's a rocket scientist, another won a gold medal in swimmin' at the Olympics, another's the world's greatest teacher, another's a leadin' agnostic, another understands databases, another's a physician who's hated by the drug companies --- none of 'em became stock brokers, lawyers, plastic surgeons, developers, undertakers, capitalists, propaganda doctors, university presidents, evangelicals or accountants ...

Where did you get waylaid?

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In the swamps surroundin' Waskesiu ... what us Canucks call "Muskeg" ... there's no shack tents in Waskesiu anymore ... what used to be shack tents have been gussied up away from the lake and are selling for $350,000 each. Fat cat capitalists have taken to showin' off by building big mansions at Waskesiu --- they've taken over all the lakeshore --- I'm told they sell for $1,000,000 apiece. Contrary to the theories of right-thinkin' economists, none of this trickles down to Mr. and Mrs. Kanada --- the "great unwashed" are banned from the place --- by fat-cat real estate prices and other predators ---

You're always broke Old Timer --- or say you are --- Waskesiu's in a national park --- surely there'd there'd be a place for you and your kind to stay --- cheap?

Well, if you call $30.00 a night cheap --- and you have to pitch your own tent --- and eight dollars a night more to build a fire --- in the old days they had cookhouses right along the lakeshore. But the parks people decided that ordinary folks should enjoy nature in the muskeg swamps surrounding Waskesiu --- a quarter mile away from the lake mind you. They said people (unless you were a buck- heavy-big-shot) should stay away from the lake and not disturb the fish. Well I paid my $30.00 and my eight dollars for a fire ---

But, poor dear --- you're covered with mosquito bites -- you're in need of a blood transfusion --- If you paid $30.00 a night just for a place to pitch a tent --- sure Ducks, the government'd protect ya' against predators

Well, when I raised hell about miskiters, I got a good stiff lecture from a bearded midget with a pony-tail in a smoky-the-bear outfit --- the parks are he told me --- he called me a redneck --- the parks are for critters not people. Anyway the fire wood was pretty wet --- when you got it burnin' --- I had to use gas I siphoned from Smokey's SUV when he was in the can smoking a joint --- the wood smoked enough to help with the miskiters but some of 'em still sucked up my blood as you can see.

Poor darlin', Ducks --- on top of mosquito holes --- you look like a saber tooth tiger got at ya'---

Ya' the miskiters ain't the end of it --- I finally got some grub in my belly and I got the fire a glowin' and my cup full of Glen Parker and smoked all dozen of my daily prescriptions of medical marijuana and finally climbed into my tent and settled down and breathed in some fresh air and was snorin' and I started dreamin' of sex --- I'm climbing into the sack with my fiancee, the prof, when suddenly the prof comes on ta' me even a lot more than she usually does and her finger nails are a lot bigger and suddenly she starts snortin' and she's hairy to the touch and I wake up and I'm bein' savaged by a bear --- well, I always carries an axe to fend off perverts --- so I swings the axe at the brute and he lets out a roar and off he goes

Did he wreck your tent ---

Yeah, but no worry, cause Smokey threw me in jail for assault causin' bodily harm to wildlife.

What you're telling me Old Timer is that these bureaucrats and fat cats and fanatic environmentalists have turned what was a people's park into a gated community for bears, mosquitoes and rich folk. It wasn't always this way --- people like Harry Houghton and the greatest park superintendent of all time, Bim Strong, staked their jobs on what original national parks commissioner, James Harkin declared to be the fundamental right of every citizen: "... every Canadian, by right of citizenship, will have free access to the national parks ..." And the old national parks used strong building controls to protect against predatory fat cats. In 1938, you couldn't build a cottage at Waskesiu that cost more than $750. I've been reading that park visits in Canada have dropped 22% since 1995 --- meanwhile Canada's population has gone up nearly 18%. Mr. and Mrs. Canada are lucky they've got Jim Prentice as Canada's Environment Minister --- he calls the parks "the jewels of our country" --- "For a number of years," Prentice says. "There was a a kind of emphasis on, to put it in graphic terms, protecting our national parks from Canadians as opposed to protecting our national parks for Canadians." The trouble is that Big Brother could replace Jim Prentice tomorrow. But the fact is that, when the civil service took over the Canadian government in 1963, they pushed through a park policy which said that preservation of wild life like mosquitoes and bears was the Canadian Park Service's "most fundamental and important obligation." That's when Smoky and his crowd came on board.

Trouble is, we haven't had enough Harry Houghtons and Bim Strongs and James Harkins and Jim Prentices. And they have been marginalized by Canada's authoritarian political culture. Have a look at Ken Burns: National Parks - America's Best Idea shown on PBS and available for purchase from Amazon. American politicians and outdoorsmen like Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir put their feet down when the Northern Pacific Railway tried to turn Yellowstone National Park into another Coney Island. All along the way, Americans have fought for their parks and won. The U.S. spends $62.44 on each hectare of their parks. We only spent $8.84. And park bureaucrats have tried to keep the parks away from population centres because that's where the folks raise more hell if the bureaucrats get out of line. In the United States, according to Jeff Olson of the National Park Service in Washington, D.C.: "Most everybody can get to a park by lunchtime, if they get in the car after breakfast."

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