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Is owning a Canadian slave illegal

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Why can an American buy Mexicans but cannot buy Canadians?

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Provincial Exports circa 2012

I drove the last spike on the CPR railroad in 1885. A fellow I fired wrote a book about me, full of vicious lies and insinuations and exaggerations ... trouble is though, it's mainly true Thursday, March 01, 2012 ---
Geologist calls for a debate on science of global warming

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Wednesday, February 22, 2012 ---

From the Banks of the South Saskatchewan Sunday, February 19, 2012 ---
A Bum's Xmas in Calgary

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Friday, December 16, 2011 ---
Is global warming caused by human-made CO2?

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, December 06, 2011 ---
Is Global Warming caused by Humans? Let's debate the facts!!!.

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, November 01, 2011 ---

Paddy Nolan --- An Irish lawyer and speechifier and stretcher extraordinaire --- the best orator in North America


What a wonderful wedding --- ah the glitter and the gold --- sure demonstrates what a success that Bill Clinton has been --- up from nothing --- a rural boy from Arkansas

Yeah but he was born lucky --- he had an uncle who was a used-car salesman --- and the uncle was a good one --- the uncle was Slick Willy's mentor. What surprises me is not so much that he came all the way up from rural Arkansas but that, 10 years ago, after he finished his terms as president --- he was dead ass broke --- bankrupt --- where did he get the $3,000,000 he paid for his daughter's wedding --- same neck of the woods I bet where Brian Mulroney got all the dough for his daughter's wedding ...

Here ya are Joe raisin' that Airbus stuff again --- when no less a dignitary than Goberning Generale How-High said it was "well-tilled" ground --- its official if he says it --- it's what they calls a "red salmon"

Well, anyhow --- Clinton's no better than America's answer to Brian Mulroney.

Joe, lads who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Casting a fine Irish lad like Brian down in the gutter with that overstuffed hillbilly --- slander, defamation, desecration --- Sure Brian was on the take a wee bit but he got things done and he's a warm loveable lad and he's decent and he's got guts --- look at the way he stood up for the Milgaards. Brian's not a hypocrite --- he's honest enough to tell the world what he's doin' --- lobbying for a minority group --- big business --- that's all he's doin' -- he'll tell ya' --- no conflict of interest with Brian. But Clinton palavers on about wanting to save the world and almost all of his "charitable donations" go into his family tax shelter. Sure Slick Willy set up the Bill Clinton Foundation to hit up fat cats for charitable donations --- and the foundation spent $85,000,000 of the contributors' moola on AIDS and what have ya' but it also spent close to $5,000,000 on "Fund Raising" --- Willy did the fund raisin' --- over $3,500,000 on "Management" --- Willy did the managin'. Meantime he, himself, donated less than $1,000,000 to the foundation --- compare that to the small change Bill Gates put in --- over $25,000,000 --- and Saudi Arabia put in over $10,000,000. Most of Willy's "charitable spending" went to the Clinton Family Foundation, a totally separate foundation which, in fact, was a tax shelter for Willy.

Like I always said --- that Clinton's nothin' but a Godless socialist.

A champagne socialist. He spent $3,000,000 on the wedding --- about 50 times the annual income of the typical American family ---- $750,000 for catering; $600,000 for tents --- a lot better tents mind you than the ones than Willy's doled out to those poor devils down in Haiti; $250,000 for flowers; $40,000 for entertainment; $20,000 for a politically correct vegan, gluten-free wedding cake which is about what the average family puts out for an entire wedding.

If the average family forks out $20,000 on a wedding --- it's not only Bill Clinton who's a hypocrite --- it's every sucker consumer of weddings in America. With other people starving - in Africa, in Bangladesh, even in America itself.

Slick Willy widened the driveway of the Astor Estate, where the wedding took place so limousines could whisk the lumpen plutocracy up to the wedding site. And not your common portapotties --- hot water and music --- cost $15,000. Even the electricians had to be dolled up in tuxedos.

Well, being that, before the wedding, the bride and groom were "engaged" --- meaning in this day and age ---- they were living in sin --- well Bill should have talked to me --- my wife and I lived in sin for 50 years before marrying and still got to be aristorcrats --- sure beats having your dad put out $3,000,000 all by himself.

Well a little more than $3,000,000 and not only Willy but good old Joe Taxpayer had to fork over some bucks --- the U.S. government provided bodyguards for Bill and Hillary and closed the airspace over the Hudson River for over 12 hours so bad guys wouldn't bomb the site and so Bill could put on a big fireworks display --- they said it was for "VIP movement".

What about the groom's folks? And are the kids going to rent a one-bedroom basement suite to live in.

Well his dad and mom are both politicians --- but the dad has been let out of jail --- Well, no somehow or other the kids are moving right into a starter home --- a $3.8 million dollar condo on New York's Fifth Avenue --- who knows maybe it was paid for by the groom's parents or by the victims the dad scammed that had him sent to jail. And some right wing fanatics are claimin' that Bill never paid anything for the wedding --- it was all paid for with legalized bribes. But assuming Bill paid for it --- where'd he get the money --- 10 years ago he was dead broke. And what did the media have to say about this.

Well, since January of 2001, Willy has raked in $130 million, $65 million just for speaking to business audiences --- the rest was from book sales and international glad handing for the likes of billionaire super-market heir --- Ron Burkle --- Ronny has paid Clinton $15.4 million for putting on a happy face and back-slapping and being seen in Bill's company. A couple of web sites and blogs have tied into the the obscenity and hypocrisy of the whole thing. But the mainstream media --- from the New York Times to PBS haven't said a critical thing about the wedding --- yes a cartoon about Willy and the bridesmaids (see sidebar) --- but that's all. Well, it's alright to have family values and respect dignitaries etc., etc. but --- it still shows how far the mainstream media is out of touch --- and don't think the ordinary people will see this and distrust the media even more than they do now and turn to the web for their news. The mainstream is shooting itself in the foot.

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