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Is owning a Canadian slave illegal

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Why can an American buy Mexicans but cannot buy Canadians?

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Provincial Exports circa 2012

I drove the last spike on the CPR railroad in 1885. A fellow I fired wrote a book about me, full of vicious lies and insinuations and exaggerations ... trouble is though, it's mainly true Thursday, March 01, 2012 ---
Geologist calls for a debate on science of global warming

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Wednesday, February 22, 2012 ---

From the Banks of the South Saskatchewan Sunday, February 19, 2012 ---
A Bum's Xmas in Calgary

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Friday, December 16, 2011 ---
Is global warming caused by human-made CO2?

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, December 06, 2011 ---
Is Global Warming caused by Humans? Let's debate the facts!!!.

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, November 01, 2011 ---
"College football would be much more interesting if the faculty played instead of the students."
H.L. Mencken

The Old Contrarian from Pincher Creek --- U.S. President Barak Obama has branded him a corporate welfare bum --- town gossips claim he is a trillionaire --- the Old Timer lives in subsidized housing and spends his days dumpster diving


Well, things is goin' pretty good on the left coast out here in Victoria --- you'll ask -- now that the winter's over ain't I missin' the old PC --- am I gettin' homesick?

Well if I was up island in Duncan, I'd miss the wind. But here on the Straits I get all the wind I want --- as good as the Pincher or better.

I finally threw my ethnics to the wind and moved in with the prof. My pappy brought me up to live by the Book --- Deuteronomy 301 says that "until you get hitched, it's total abstinence". Well you'll ask how come I never done that before for all my other 15 weddings. Well, don't ask. When I got to Victoria, I was down and broke --- all the dust in my poke was a gone. And my libido was botherin' me. The prof was the first gal I met in Victoria and, as my old buddy, Mack the Knife, used to say --- "Early wins every time." The prof - true enuff' is kinda' hard on the eyes but --- with the lites out she appeals to the what they call the kinky part of me. She ain't a rich widder sure enough but she's a prof of Victim Studies, in Roman its called a "Victimologist", and she earns $300,000 a year for "teachin'" and book royalties to boot because, every year, she "writes" a 500 page text book about all Canada's victims --- all 35 million of 'em. You can't pass her classes unless you buy her book. Its sells for $500 a copy and ya' better have a copy when ya' come into her classes --- the University's payin' unionized security guards --- graduated up from parking kops --- to check every student at the door. What about goin' and buyin' a used book --- can't do it --- she changes the content every year --- every year she sends her students out on the street with audio recorders to round up a new group of victims --- she tells 'em to pick the scruffiest and dirtiest --- but if they're beggin' don't give 'em any money cause she can't afford it. Then they puts the recordings through a half-ass voice recognition program --- no one can understand the result but its no worse than if you were reading sociology jargon --- and, anyway, she says that, according to the Constitution of the Society of British Columbia Victimologists, it'd be a gross breach of their ethnics if she edited the thing --- it wud be stealing the meaning from them that spoke the words and to make 'em worse victims still --- and she gets a $200,000 research grant for this project who's purpose is to eradicate victims from the universe --- not the victims themselves but what she calls the concert --- and she then dumps all the output from word recognition into her new edition of her text ---. Of course the texts are printed courtesy of the university --- that's one of her academic perks. She's got it made as far as I'm concerned.

Who pays the piper calls the tune --- and that's about it with me. So I'm more or less relegated to a toy boy and a gofer. When she has her buddies over for organic Soviet vodka and juiced brussels sprouts (called Agitprop) and organic goat cheese on bannock made from organic lentils --- it's "Gabby will take your hoodie and hang it up in the closet" ... "Gabby'll pour you another Agitprop. Without telling me first ... "Me and Gabby are going to the Afghan Riviera". And that gives her a sense of power and as his Lordship Lord Acton said: "All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.." ---- by being able to boss me around (they call it bullying --- but you can't call a victim's rights prof a bully --- that's a natural oxyimbecility) --- she's come to be addicted to power and now she's wantin' to go on to bigger and better things. Once the NDPers get back in here in B.C. --- which they will in 2013 --- cause Gordon ("Old Trickle Down") Campbell is just payin' off what he owes the fat cats who paid for his campaigns --- and then he'll head out of town --- to bigger and better things --- maybe he'll become head honcho lobbyist for BP Oil. Anyway once the lefties get in, the prof's makin' a serious assault to be top dog and Chairman of the British Columbia Human Rights Commission --- you'd think they'd call it "Chairperson" but she don't want it changed. That pays $1,000,000 a year plus perks --- but better still --- you can arrest people --- garnishee them --- jail them --- and if she had her druthers --- you could hang them and draw and quarter them. But she didn't have a campaign strategy --- victim profs ain't much good at strategy and she was getting mighty frustrated and lossin' her self esteem and, worse still, loosin' her libido.

Well one Sunday morning a few weeks ago the prof and I was in the sack and thinkin' of gettin' up early so we turned on the radio about 11 am. When on comes Michael Enright of the CBC's Sunday Edition.

"Canadians are doing a pretty good job of protecting people from discrimination and victimhood. Criticizing someone for being a terrorist or a wife-beater is unacceptable. '18-year-old juvenile deliquent' and 'fishermen' are equally unacceptable. Civilized people talk about 'challenged youth' and 'fishers'. "

One guy you don't mention around the prof is George Orwell cause he had a lot to say about using language the wrong way but, accordin' to the prof he's just a dead white man who doesn't use enough big words. But, on the other hand, Michael Enright --- the prof thinks he's real handsome and as heavy a thinker as ya' ever heard of --- full of lots of big words said through his adenoids.

But says En right:

"There's one group totally unprotected ... people laugh and deride them ... who do you think they are?" "Englishmen?" I thought. "No the morbidly obese!!! It's perfectly acceptable to call a obesly challenged person ... why ...'fat' and to laugh at 'fat' people and make jokes about them and have them as the butt of T.V. shows." And Enright went on to explain what a morbidly obese person is: it's based on Body Mass Index (BMI) which is lb * 703 / in2 which you get by multiplying your weight in pounds by 703 and dividing by your height in inches and dividing again by your height in inches. And here's how obesity is rated:

< 18.5
normal weight
class I obesity
class II obesity
= 40.0
  morbid obesity  

Now Paddy Nowlan is 6 foot 3 and weights in at 350 lbs. So his BMI is 43.74222222 which I think is what Enright calls morbidly obese. But Paddy don't act like a victim. The prof is also 6 foot 3 but weighs in at 95 pounds. So her BMI is 11.87288889. So she is underweight --- if "they" gives up making fun of the fat people I hope "they" don't go after underweights.

As I say, I was real concerned about the prof's lack of libido and my too much of libido. Necessity is the mother of invention I always says. "Hey Love of My Life ... make your campaign around gettin' rid of the word 'fat'." says I. Boy did that strike a bell. Within seconds she could see the campaign --- it'd be better than Willy Woodenshoes campaign against the HST with lots of ugly signs and lots of chants led by her pal "Bare Belly". It wouldn't be long before the CBC's Shelagh Rogers --- will be on it --- Shelagh loves a new victim more than anything else in this world . Once the CBC starts beatin' a victim drum --- things are going to snow-ball I know it. And the prof would take full credit for it --- she's real good at doing that. The Chairmanship would be a cinch. Right then power and entiltlement surged into her veins and elsewhere. And, as Henry Kissinger said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." That turned into quite a Sunday.

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