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The Calgary Eye Opener Monday, October 26, 2020
!%@From the Long Bar at the Alberta Hotel@%!
The case of Willie Pickton - what about Biker Dave?
by Fly-on-the-wall on location

06-Dec-07 -
Off the Vancouver train this morning stepped Bob and he headed right for the Long Bar of Alberta Hotel and he caught Paddy downing a quart-and-a-half of Calgary Stock Ale right out of the tap. I perched myself on Custer's stetson on picture of the Last Stand on the wall. Bob'd been in New Westminster for the Pickton trial.

Wad'll the jury do Paddy?

Said Paddy:

You were there Bob - in body - but we heard nothin' in The Calgary Eye Opener all durin' the trial - in fact - Bob - there was no Calgary Eye Opener for many a week Bob.

Paddy - New Westminster, where Willie was tried, has moorrrr electrrrric soup than Glassgie herself - it's the Demon Rum's home base and headquarrrters. Becoose am a pro rrreporter - every morning - and plenty a hangoover I always had, Paddy - becoose am a pro rrrreporter - dealin with a hangooover's in any rrrreporter's kit a tools - I headed doon ta the cooortroom - but every evenin - I no got ana work doon - the Demon pestered me soo. Nooo I'm home and I'm flat brrrrrooke and I'm goona ha' Hill Billie Willie Pickton and the pooor missin' lassies rrreporrrted in the The Calgary Eye Opener. But yer the expert my Irish friend ... will the jurrrry find Willie guilty, Paddy ... ?

Bob - I woulda' followed it - but it wasn't in The Calgary Eye Opener - the ooother journalism's soo bad - sooo I ignored it. What kinda' case they got Bob.

Well all they got is this: Willy Pickton - whose a bit of a simpleton from a family of pig-raising, pig stinkin hillbillys, rrran a pig farm in Port Coquitlam B.C. (known to the locals as "PoCo"), for himself, his brother Biker Dave and his sister Linda. A Kanada Kop .....

Paddy, although a champion boxer, is not a violent man. But he seized Bob by his lapels and whispered:

Bob - I'll not have ya' makin' fun of the RCMP. The ordinary member on duty is superior to any policeman on the face of the earth. I'll not have you making allusions to the Keystone Kops in the same breath as the members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Little Bob with not a blink of his eye replied calmly:

I'm not talking about the ordinary members, Paddy. I'm referring to their so-called leadership in Ottawa that once the Trudeau Liberals got hold of them became totally politicized and ridden by pettifogging, petty bureaucrats and propaganda experts. And the type of mounted policemen who the bureaucrat staff officers in Ottawa promoted as commissioned as officers - the type of professional propagandists who were supposed to be providing leadership in the Pickton "investigation".

But Bob when ya call all mounted policemen "kops" you demean the ordinary members.

I agree Paddy - I'll make the distinction in what I carefully say from now on. I'll only refer to kops who scrrrewed up as "kops". Paddy will you agree that the Vancouver Police Department could be aka'd the Keystone Kops?

There are a few members who weren't. Former Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo was the very opposite. Once they discovered Kim had got himself a university degree, the knuckle-dragging kops at the top of the Vancouver Police tried to demote him to beat constable. Kim quit. There are some other Kim Rossomo still on the force.

Well Paddy - I agree and I'll make the distinction. But do you mind if I do refer to the Vancouver kops as "kops" - I'll point out that unless I explicitly say they were the Kim Rossmos on the force were not or are not part of a kop operation or misstep.

Alright, Bob ... go ahead.

..... an RCMP officer pulled the lid off an old garbage pail in the Pickton's pig barn and found Serena Abotsway's and Andrea Josebury's severed heads inside. But a lot of people worked in the pig barn and a lot of people hung arooond. And there was no evidence showing Willie knew those two missin' lassies of the evenin' (as they're called in old Glasgie). A lassie by the name of Mona Wilson's DNA may have been found in Pickton's trailer but the kops weren't absolutely sure. Another kop found Brenda Wolfe's (another lassie from the East End a' Vancouver) jaw bone and teeth in the farmyard. Another found three of Marnie Frey's teeth in the farmyard. Another found a bone from Georgina Papin's hand. No one stepped forward to testify they'd seen Willie with any of them.

Is that all they got, Paddy?

The kops paid one perrrr girl to testify she saw Willie cuttin' up a corpse but the jury won't pay any heed - Willie's defense demolished er. No - there's a video where Willie says he was "sloppy" and the kops were "sloppy". And Willie tells the kops 'I was going to make it 50'. '50' what wasna' defined. No more except that the kops put a fake kriminal in Willie's cell - but Willie just complained to the kriminal about being arrested.

If I was defendin' Willie, Bob, I could get him off with a lot a blarney and a lot of speechifyin'. But only if Willie was tried by judge without a jury. In my time, Bob, ya' could do that in Alberta - avoid a jury because - a judge would use logic and say - with me urgin' him along - a judge'd say there was a "reasonable doubt' that Willie did it - just like there was with O.J. Simpson. But a jury has too much of what they call "common sense". They'd be sure in their minds and in their bones that Willie was guilty. Just like they did in the Colin Thatcher case. So Willy'll get convicted.

But his brother Biker Dave's a lot more guilty lookin' than him Paddy.

5Ya' don't say.

Startin' out with the way old Ma Pickton raised Dave. When Dave was 16 he was out drag racin' and he hit another kid - Tim Barret - only 14. Bein' Ma Pickton's boy, he didn't stop - he headed home to Ma. Ma had 'im drive back. Ma didn't check Timmy's vital signs - not Ma - there was a ditch next to the road - filled with water - Ma Pickton kicked the kid into the ditch so he'd drown in peace. Which he did. The local judge took away Dave's driver's license for two years - didn't lay a finger on Ma. Dave soon got into the earth movin' business and got runnin' with the PoCo branch of the Hell's Angels - they had their clubhouse across the street. He cooked up an insurance fraud scam with the Angels - the Angels'd buy a car - drive her over to the pig farm - strip out the engine and all the parts from her - and sell em - Dave'd dig a deep hole - bulldoz the rest of the car in - Dave'd pour in a load of concrete - and the Angels'd drive down to the local B.C. Insurance (called "ICBC") office and claim the car as stolen. The RCMP actually caught Dave and Willie red-handed - guess what the PoCo kourt gave Dave - a $1,000 fine - the average profit he'd make on one car. But he always uses the best criminal lawyer in B.C. by the name of Ian Donaldson.

Insurance fraud's a long way from murder, Bob.

Dave and his dump trucks and bulldozzers were headquartered on the pig farm. I soospect Dave buried more n' cars for the Angels. Ma tutored Dave in how ta' treat lassies. Dave keeps handcuffs and rope etc. in his bedroom. According to reporter Stevie Cameron: "Another woman who knew him well told me she had never met anyone more foulmouthed around women than Dave Pickton". Dave would call any woman who put on a bit of girth a "fat cow ... with a big fat ass". One day he tried to put the arm on one of his flag girls - she'd have none of it - among other things he smelled like a pig barn. 'Well,' said he. 'I'm just goin' ta rape ya'. But another employee walked in. The flag girl went to the RCMP. Dave fired her and put the Hells Angels on her - she'd end up just like the cars - in concrete- they warned - the RCMP convicted Dave but the kourt gave him another $1,000 fine. The flag girl fled.

But Bob - that doesn't say Willie wasn't guilty. There's nothin' excludin' more than one person from murderin' these ladies.

Could be - the kops admitted at the trial they still suspect Dave. But Hillbillie Willie's a lot easier culprit to prosecute.

The Willie Pickton case's been goin' on for six years.

The kops've run the wheels off the case - they've spent tens of millions. Digging and havin' a gang of scientists around analyzin' the soil and everything under a cloak of secrecy. When the lassies went missing the kops did nothin' - they had one part-time staffer investigating more and more missing women from Vancouver's East Side - but when word got out that a serial killer was out there - 70 women were missing from the Vancouver East Side - Mr. and Mrs. Vancouver got mad and scared an voted the mayor of Vancouver out of office. The kops got scared for their own jobs. The RCMP were involved too. So the kops decided to arrest the village idiot, the easiest guy they could find and put on the blinkers to anyoone else. They worried about a public inquiry so they kept the investigation of Willie goin' and dug lots of earth and analyzed and spent lots of money and got a publication ban. They wanted to run the wheels off the case so it'd never get to a public inquiry. If they get a conviction they've won. If not - the Air India scandal'll have nothin' on this one.

I woden like to be one of those kops if they ever bring Judge Jack Major into investigate this case like they did with Air India - RCMP kops are sweatin' aplenty in that case. Goin' after the easiest suspect that's klassic kop. Their main concern isn't who did it. Their main concern is coverin', as Biker Dave put it, their fat behinds. That's how I see the case Bob. Willie'll be convicted. The kops and Biker Dave'll walk away rrrrelatively unscathed.

By the way Paddy - long after the kops arrested Willie, lassies of the night are still disappearin' from the East Side. The kops now have three full-time investigators lookin' for them - better than one part-time but they surrrre havna' caught all the killers.

Into the barroom burst Peter McGonigle the infamous editor of the Midnapore Gazette.

The jury've convicted but only of second-degree, not first-degree murder - for all six women.

Asked Bob:

Paddy - what's the differrrrence?

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, to be first degree murder, the killing must be "planned and deliberate". So if ya' look at it from the point a' view of logic - there is no logic - how could a jury say that a man murders six women - on six separte occassions - and doesn't plan the murders and doesn't murder deliberately? A few days before the verdict the jury came back and asked the judge if Willie Pickton was only "indirectly" involved, could they convict him of murder. They could he said. Obviously the jury believed Willie Pickton didn't act alone and they'd be wrong to convict him of first-degree murder. They did what I said they'd do but with a little more intelligence than I'd expected of them.


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