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Is owning a Canadian slave illegal

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Why can an American buy Mexicans but cannot buy Canadians?

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ---
Provincial Exports circa 2012

I drove the last spike on the CPR railroad in 1885. A fellow I fired wrote a book about me, full of vicious lies and insinuations and exaggerations ... trouble is though, it's mainly true Thursday, March 01, 2012 ---
Geologist calls for a debate on science of global warming

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Wednesday, February 22, 2012 ---

From the Banks of the South Saskatchewan Sunday, February 19, 2012 ---
A Bum's Xmas in Calgary

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Friday, December 16, 2011 ---
Is global warming caused by human-made CO2?

Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America. Tuesday, December 06, 2011 ---
Eye Opener editor returns from Cuban negotiations?

Local preachers ran him and his Eye Opener newspapers out of Wetaskiwin and, in turn, Strathcona and High River for "expressing contrary opinions, drinking and hootin' and yellin'and generally disturbing' the Gospel". He arrived in Calgary and the paper became The Calgary Eye Opener in 1904 Tuesday, January 18, 2011 ---
"Various studies suggest it will cost at least an extra $4,000 per year for a family of four in various taxes, power bills, etc. to alleviate what may be a non-existent problem"
Bill Bell

Chief Crowfoot --- Back in 1877, Crowfoot was the leader of the Blackfoot --- the most feared native tribe in western North America.

01-Nov-11 Global Warming Caused by Human-Made CO2?
Let Us Debate the Scientific Facts!
By Bill Bell
Carbon dioxide (CO2), the fundamental building block of life, is a clear trace gas, not a pollutant. It makes up only 0.039% of the atmosphere. It is a vital plant food and necessary for our life here on earth. It is absorbed not only in the atmosphere and by vegetation, but our oceans absorb eighty times more CO2 than the atmosphere where it forms limestone and dolomite, two of the major reservoirs for oil and gas. Only 0.001% of all carbon in the atmosphere-ocean-upper crust system occurs in the atmosphere. (Plimer, Ian. 2009. Heaven and Earth, global warming the missing science. p.323) We know that greenhouse gases (95% water vapour, 3.62% CO2, 0.95% Nitrous oxide, and other 0.07%) have increased from a maybe dangerously low level of 270ppm in pre-industrial times to 390ppm today. Nevertheless, CO2 is now at its lowest levels in all geological history, and was as high as 7,000ppm in Devonian times and 1,000ppm during the Carboniferous when forests were in abundance. Carbon dioxide is produced by many natural sources including volcanoes, animals and plants. Soils annually contribute 80 gigatons of CO2 dwarfing the 7.8 gigatons contributed by Fossil Fuels and 2.4 gigatons from deforestation. (Kimball, 1983. Cure & Acock, 1986. Lawler & Mitchell, 1991.) An ideal level for all life on earth may well be 1,000ppm and at our current rate of increase of 2ppm per year it will take 300 years to achieve this. We are what we eat and we know that life has flourished with much higher CO2 (carbon) in the atmosphere, and certainly with much higher
temperatures. (Sharir & Veizer, 2004, Singer & Aver, etc.)
There are two camps in the Global Warming Climate Change debate, one the Alarmists and the other the Sceptics. The Alarmists believe that failure to curb anthropogenic (human caused) global warming, ie. the use of fossil fuels for transportation, heating our homes, power generation, etc. which releases CO2 into the atmosphere, will result in the demise of society as we know it, while the Sceptics argue that the scientific evidence does not support this view and can show that the dangers are minimal or non-existent. Specific to the Alarmists argument is their contention that this warming will result in the melting of glaciers, the rise of sea level, and the destruction of all low lying areas. Specific to the Sceptics cause, however, is the belief that the cost will drive most families into bankruptcy and change nothing. Various studies suggest it will cost at least an extra $4,000 per year for a family of four in various taxes, power bills, etc. to alleviate what may be a non-existent problem.
Climate has always changed and Agassiz in the 1830s with his study of glaciers was maybe the first to realize climate could change in a far more significant way than just seasonal change. Causation remained the mystery, but it soon blossomed into the sun, variation in cloud cover, volcanic eruptions, atmospheric dust, continental drift blocking off both warm and cold currents, orbital changes, cosmic rays, solar winds, population growth, excessive land use, and more. Starting in the 1850s laboratory experiments were undertaken by Fournier, Arrhenius, and others (Hulme, Mike. 2009. Why We Disagree About Climate Change. p.42-45) that found "the constituent gases of the atmosphere are more opaque to outgoing thermal energy than they are to incoming short-wave solar
energy." (Initial greenhouse effect.) The I.P.C.C. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in their First Assessment Report in 1990 stated, "global mean surface air temperature has increased between 0.3oC and 0.6oC over the last hundred years", but goes on to say "this temperature increase is also of the same magnitude as natural climate variability." Most scientists agree that CO2 can increase atmospheric temperature to some small extent and indeed CO2 in the atmosphere is essential as it slows down heat loss and without it Earth's average temperature would be -3oC (Plimer, p.366). There is general agreement also that there was warming by some cause between 1970 and 1998, but the real question is what was the cause and by how much can CO2 increase temperature, and is that
relevant when all other factors are considered. The science as established in the laboratory was correct, but people like Arrhenius could not possibly relate at that time to the movement of heat and air in the atmosphere by convection and other influences. The small increase in temperature starting in the 1970s gave the United Nations Secretary General U. Thant the excuse to appoint Maurice Strong to capitalize on this insignificant event. Strong initiated the I.P.C.C. and used less than a one degree temperature rise to fantasize that, "North America will be Hell on Earth - - New Orleans will be ravaged by tropical diseases to such an extent that it becomes little more than a shrinking fortress held only with poisonous amounts of lethal pesticides", in Los Angeles, "water vendors with armed guards roam the streets", "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized nations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about?" Indeed the question remains, did the United ations believe global warming was a serious danger when they set up the I.P.C.C. in 1988 or was it simply an excuse to control the oil industry and/or provide government bureaucrats with ever widening power?
Allow me to try to simplify the complex subject of the greenhouse effect. The surface of the earth is heated by incoming radiation from the sun which includes the complete visible spectrum as well as the non visible ultraviolet and infrared spectra. The short wave radiation from the Sun warms the earths surface but this heat is reradiated into the atmosphere mainly as long wave infrared radiation. The principal greenhouse gas water vapour absorbs the long-wave infra-red radiation as well as CO2 within a narrow band with a wave length of 14 to 16.5 microns. The Alarmists argue that the infra red absorption of CO2 traps heat in the upper atmosphere preventing its escape into outer space. However, the forecast heat anomaly in the upper atmosphere has not been observed by weather balloons or satellite data. Moreover, the NASA satellite data from 2000-2011 indicates that the long wave radiation into space, rather than decreasing as the Alarmists propose, is actually increasing which demonstrates that the IPCC man made Global Warming hypothesis is not correct. It is evident that Carbon Dioxide does not heat the atmosphere as has been proposed. Roy Spencer, principal research scientist, on NASA satellite data states, There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans. (Taylor, James. Forbes Magazine, Aug. 2, 2011. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole in Global Warming theory. Surveys of long wave radiation taken between 2000 and 2011 shows earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than the I.P.C.C. computer models predicted. Peter Foster (National Post, Sept. 21, 2011) quotes Kevin Trenberth from a new study by N.C.A.R. (National Center for Atmospheric Research) attempting to account for the missing heat generated by man made CO2 that apparently found the heat lurking in"Davey Jones' locker, three hundred meters below the surface of the ocean".
In Kevin Trenberths global energy budget, published in 1997, and adopted by IPPC, a key element is the back radiation of 325 Watts /M2. In Trenberths model this is required to maintain average global surface temperature of 15 degrees C. However, a number of scientists (Gerlich and Tscheuschner, (2007) Theoretical Physicists; Gerhard Kramm, (2008) Climatologist and Heinz Thieme, (2003) Physicist) have challenged this hypothesis on the basis that it contradicts the second
law of thermodynamics which states that warmth can never spontaneously pass from a body of low temperature( the atmosphere) to a body of high temperature (the Earths surface) without the application of work Dr Roy Spencer in his blog in July 2010 indicated that he is still open to the possibility that a major error has been made in the concept of radiative back warming. That there is a problem is now self evident. Remember when Jim Hansen of NASA told us in 1988 to expect 2-4 degrees C of warming in 25 years. We are experiencing one tenth of that. Indeed, we are now below even the zero CO2 emissions path predicted by the IPPC in the 2007 Fourth Assessment. Here is incontrovertible evidence that the Global Warming theory of atmospheric warming by CO2 is wrong and has no scientific merit. Despite the scientific facts Alarmists persist in their unsupported beliefs aided and abetted by the media.
Let us look back at a few statements from the Alarmists. The 1996 Summary for Policy Makers claimed in Chapter 8 that "the balance of evidence suggests that there is discernible human influence on climate change". This statement brought headlines and much prestige to the I.P.C.C. Strangely, only after the authors had signed off did a lead author add the words, "discernible human influence" and deleted a passage that stated, "No study to date has positively attributed all or part (of the climate change observed) to man-made causes". (Plimer. p.21) In response to an email posted by Steve McIntyre, a Canadian analyst who worked with Ross McKitrick to discredit the fraudulent Michael Mann hockey stick, Kevin Trenberth, a lead author of the I.P.C.C. states, "Debating them (deniers/sceptics) about the science is not an approach that is recommended. In a debate it is impossible to counter lies and coveted statements that often have little or no basis. Scientific facts are not open to debate and opinion because they are evidence and/or physically based. Moreover a debate actually gives alternative views credibility". (Earliest email of note in Climategate keeping collection forwarded by Trenberth to McIntyre on Dec. 22, 2009).
Climate is the application of science to public issues where facts are uncertain, value in dispute, stakes high, and decisions urgent." (Funtowicz & Ravetz in Hulme. p.78) Hulme goes on to say "Uncertainty pervades science predictions of climate and these uncertainties present serious problems for politicians, policy makers and strategic decision makers as they try to establish the costs and benefits of different courses of action with respect to the economy, to natural resources and social well being". Indeed it does bring varying responses from different people. Robert Page, professor of Environmental Management and Responsibility at the University of Calgary, argues, "Alberta and Canada must become world leaders in Carbon Capture and Storage to garner respect." (Calgary Herald. CO2 Roll Deemed Critical, May 27, 2009. D6) Dr. David Mayne Reid, a professor of biology at the University of Calgary, asks in a Herald article (July 20, 2009, A11) why do so many not accept climate change data? Then he wrote, "We are blocked by fear, by genetics - - selfishness, ignorance, - - misinformation - - and we are listening to propaganda paid for by oil companies". We only wish the oil companies would show a little courage and speak out on this subject that shows little verifiable evidence of being a problem. I am pleased to state that I have been an employee of the oil industry for over fifty years and watched as it has contributed much to Canadian society. It has been innovative, successful and always mindful of the well being of its employees. The industry has been profitable and always paid good wages making it possible for both the companies and their employees to make significant financial contributions when a need arises. The industry through royalties and taxes paid has been a leader in developing life as we know it in Canada today and indeed has played a major role in allowing for all provinces in Canada to share equalization payments and allow for all Canadian citizens the benefit and avoid any serious discrimination when it
comes to health care, education and other essential services. Our industry may not be perfect, but maybe the time has come to brag about our accomplishments for I think anyone associated with the industry will agree we have much to be proud of.
Melting ice and rising sea level has been another major weapon used by the Alarmists to frighten all people on earth, but Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, a past president of the Inqua Commission on Sea Level Changes assures us that from 1790 to 2010 world sea level has remained within a 20cm range. Interestingly, earlier this month Envisat, the arm of the European space agency, documented sea level is now dropping at a rate of 5mm per year. In the meantime, research scientists telling us the ice is melting may soon outnumber polar bears in the Canadian Arctic, but few mention that the RCMP schooner St. Roch travelled east bound through the NW passage in 1940 and westbound a few years later.
During the last major glacial episode some 18,000 years ago much of North America was covered with ice exceeding 8,000 feet in thickness (Dunbar. p.440.) The ice then commenced melting with the coming of our current Interglacial period and now only the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets remain in the Northern Hemisphere along with a few mountain glaciers. There were few humans and no vehicles to burn fossil fuels so why do the Alarmists believe most warming today is anthropogenic when clearly that could not have been the case 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. I have little space to review current papers produced by outstanding scientists on other causes of global warming, but should mention Dr. Craig Loehle and Dr. Nicola Scafetta who are working with cycles in solar motion to arrive at a temperature increase of 0.66oC per century. Most recently CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) with 62 researchers under Dr. Jasper Kirby (Gunter. Lorne. National Post. Sept.2, 2011) is providing scientific evidence that low solar activity causes more cosmic rays which indirectly increases cloud cover and reduces solar penetration, followed by cooling. This rigorous work by CERN carried out at the European Nuclear Research Facility was
initiated as the result of work by Henrik Svensmark who hypothesized that there was an interaction between the solar wind (the Suns magnetic field) with the interstellar wind (cosmic radiation from space) such that when the solar systems magnetic field was weak the solar system and the earth received increased bombardment by cosmic rays causing more cloud and colder weather. A conclusion supported weather records in the little ice age. (Neil Hutton - personal communication.) Svensmark in earlier work with Marsh documented that cosmic ray counts and low cloud are highly correlated. Subsequently Svensmark undertook experiments in the basement of the Danish Climate Research Centre which confirmed his concept that cosmic rays interacted with the atmosphere to form aerosols which in turn nucleate clouds. All of the work by Svensmark and CERN corroborates that sunspot cycles and climate change are well correlated and is further proof the sun has been the major driver of Climate Change for the past 4.5 billion years. The work by Svensmark when considered with the recent corroborative work of CERN researchers under Dr. Jason Kirby casts further doubt on the work by the I.P.C.C. and its supporters.
Friends, I have referenced the work of many outstanding scientists in this article, but we know their work changes almost on a monthly basis. Not referenced and possibly the most important work of all is a book, "Climate Change Reconsidered" is the 2011 Interim report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) with lead authors Craig Idso (USA), Robert Carter (Australia) and Fred Singer (USA). Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition
states of this publication, "One of the most significant climate science documents ever produced. Coming to conclusions diametrically opposed to those of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.), the new Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) report is essential reading for all politicians or at least for those who want to develop policies that actually benefit their countries and the environment." Do not confuse this work with another work I cite earlier by Mike Hulme, "Why We Disagree About Climate Change". Hulme was an early member of the I.P.C.C. and is even more critical of their work and comments in his own book, "It is governed by
a bureau consisting of selected government representatives, thus ensuring that the Panel's work was clearly seen to be serving the needs of government policy". Most troubling is that the alarmists rely on the radical views of the I.P.C.C. to support their position even though it is these very views that appear to have the least credibility among knowledgeable scientists discussing this subject. It gives one great concern as a Canadian tax payer that provincial governments as well as our Canadian government appear to have little desire to give this entire subject greater transparency. My later suggested approach of involving more scientists clearly requires a large dose of common sense, but the current Alice in Wonderland approach is not working either, and all Canadians should say no to expending further dollars on this nonsense until our governments bring forth a credible explanation for continuing to fund and subsidize questionable projects with taxpayer dollars.
Recent work by scientists in many parts of the world overwhelmingly supports the position of sceptics, namely that CO2 plays little or no role in Anthropogenic global warming, and is it not time that world leaders show a little common sense and stop their wasteful spending trying to correct a problem that has little scientific support and one that we certainly cannot afford? Society today depends on hydrocarbons and those wishing for a return to the dark ages are certainly in the minority.
Environment seems to have become an ideology which guides individuals, and in the case of anthropogenic global warming has become a social movement that appears to have taken on a religious fervour. Fossil fuels have given those living during the past hundred years a dramatically improved way of life and to abandon all that has been accomplished is totally irrational. It seems politicians and special interest groups, aided and abetted by ill-informed, highly paid, advisors have spent and are spending billions of dollars trying to reduce CO2 through sequestration, carbon taxes, subsidization of solar complexes, windmills, etc. when there is little or no evidence to suggest CO2 is a problem and indeed the world would probably be better off with more of it. Pushkin, a Russian poet, states, "Build me a trough and I'll show you the pigs." Alberta in particular has an abundance of readily available and reasonably priced natural gas so why should government spend one dollar of tax payer money subsidizing or guaranteeing high power rates for windmills that despoil our beautiful landscape, are inefficient, marginally economic, and kill thousands of song birds. Also concerning is that we now convert wheat and corn grown on arable land into Ethanol to be mixed with gasoline which has raised the price of these grains by 80% in the past year. These actions are carried out on the assumption that less CO2 will be released into the atmosphere, temperatures won't rise, ice not melt, oceans remain stable, and we all go on living. The reality is that temperatures have not risen in ten years, ocean levels are dropping, I.P.C.C. predictions have been proven wrong, and we are killing thousands in Africa by starvation resulting from unaffordable grain which is a crime against humanity.
It is unacceptable that universities, the home of most scientists, are not leading public debate and providing a forum for that debate. It is equally mind boggling that scientists are not demanding the right and freedom to let their voices be heard. Warmer temperatures, melting ice, and rising sea level, even if true, matters not if the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere as proposed by the I.P.C.C. is not valid science, for then clearly CO2 would not be a factor nor would be the use of fossil fuels. We cannot control the sun, the clouds nor the cosmic rays, but countless billions of dollars now being wasted could be saved and put to better use. Our elementary school children deserve education without their parents facing bankruptcy and we need many more hospital operating rooms. We no longer need opinions, and scam artists, but rather we need highly respected scientists to speak out in public. Debate is required for the whole world needs to hear the truth on climate change.
Recently an article by Mike De Souza in the Calgary Herald slams "Friends of Science" for tax receipts of $507,975 passed through the UofC for research regarding climate change. Maybe the foundation was set up improperly? But remember this is an organization with no paid employees and the funds were donated for the purpose used. The University of Calgary sponsors the ISEEE (Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy) previously headed by Dr. David Keith, but he, like Trenberth, will not debate. We can only be thankful there are people like Dr. Barry Cooper, political science professor at U of C, and Dr. Jim Buckee, an astrophysicist, previously of Talisman Energy, who stand against the tide of bad science. Let us open up the ISEEE to an equal number of scientists from both sides of this issue, and better still, why not make it an independent research institute with a major injection of government funds, and with absolutely no political interference. It is totally intolerable that our Alberta government through Alberta Agriculture should give the Pembina Institute a $100,000+ donation (their biggest - Pembina Institute Annual Report), and thus use tax payer dollars to indirectly terrorize Albertans into spending billions on eliminating CO2, a much needed building block in our lives. Let us demand our governments, cease funding through grants, subsidization etc. projects related to CO2 reduction until it can be proven to be based on accurate and verifiable scientific principles. The I.P.C.C. practices rabid environmentalism and professes apocalyptic calamities if we do not give up a life we have worked hard to achieve. Maybe it is time we tell all our governments we have had enough.
Those wishing copies of this article can acquire same by email to billbell@nucleus.com.

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